What is Revenge Tourism and How it has Impacted Air Travel?

In the year 2020, Covid-19 brought the world by storm. The pandemic forced everyone to a standstill and locked them in their own houses. Almost every country around the world imposed strict measures on its citizens such as banning any foreign travel, nationwide lockdowns, and ordering them to reside in their homes. These restrictions rattle the functioning of several industries, especially the travel industry.

However, finally, after two years we saw a ray of hope. With the immense help of vaccination efforts, countries from all around the world started to ease the imposed rules and restrictions, and people gradually benign to travel. And in the year 2022, the travel industry was finally able to bounce back. So, after being locked in their own houses for at least two years, people started to travel in greater numbers, creating a new concept named Revenge Tourism. Additionally, if you are also planning a revenge getaway then book cheap International Flights from US to India by visiting BudgetAirfares and head for your most awaited trip.

As per recent data, the travel industry is booming right now. Despite the high prices of plane tickets, people are eager to get back to travel and explore the world. Analysts believe that people are making up for their lost time during the pandemic and therefore, birthed the new term called Revenge Travel. Revenge Tourism has lately become one of the most controversial types of tourism. But the question remains what exactly is Revenge Tourism and how it has impacted Air Travel? So, let’s discuss the same in the further part of this blog. Also, visit BudgetAirfares, if you are looking to get affordable US to India flight tickets.

What is Revenge Tourism?

What is Revenge Tourism

Revenge Travel or often known as Revenge Tourism is broadly described as a global phenomenon in which people book their travel or go on holidays or vacations as a means to take revenge on the Covid-19 pandemic. It is their form to make up for their lost time during the pandemic, and finally take their much-awaited trips, and treat themselves after a long period of uncertainty.

The concept of Revenge Tourism first started to emerge in the year 2020, when the pandemic forced nationwide lockdowns and banned any foreign travel. As a result, people start to get frustrated, and now there is this large pent-up demand for travel as they seek revenge for Covid-19. And it is this type of travel that has been now term as ‘revenge tourism’.

In simpler words, people were just getting fed up with their daily routines, working from home, and being unable to step out of their houses because of the virus. And now as revenge, they just want to get out in the world and explore their travels. Furthermore, book cheap flight tickets from US to India from BudgetAirfares and head to your dream getaway.

How has Revenge Tourism Affected the Aviation Industry So Far?

How has Revenge Tourism Affected the Aviation Industry So Far (2)

Before the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry was one of the most critical parts of the travel industry. But after the pandemic hit the world, it resulted in nationwide lockdowns and banned foreign travel by closing international boundaries. The imposition of these several restrictions hit the aviation industry by a hurricane. As the industry has to bare many losses due to the pandemic restrictions.

However, now that people have started to travel again as a means of revenge travel, the aviation industry has started to gradually pick up. There is no denying on the part that revenge tourism has increased the demand for air travel. Although, this has also resulted in several airlines struggling to keep up with the increased demand of tourists which has further led to high flight costs.

Revenge Tourism has also kind of a big influence on the kind of travel one might choose. Such as in order to make up for their last time, many tourists have started to opt for a splurge on luxury vacations like all-inclusive resorts or private villas. This has resulted in increasing demand for first-class tickets and premium seats which in some rare cases, airlines aren’t able to fulfill because of too much demand.

However, with the restrictions mostly lifted now, revenge tourism has not only boosted the aviation industry but has also raised some concerns about Covid-19. As more people have started to travel now, the ability of the virus to spread to new areas has also emerged. Many airlines have started to implement several safety measures including asking the passenger to  please wear a safety mask and providing them with hand sanitizer on the flight. Passengers have got nothing to worry about as his/her carrier will make sure that they will have a safe flight. Although, if you are planning a last-minute trip from US, then book last minute flights from US to India from BudgetAirfares and take the trip of your lifetime.

Is Aviation Industry Capitalizing on Revenge Tourism?

Is Aviation Industry Capitalizing on Revenge Tourism

The Air Travel industry is certainly capitalizing on Revenge Tourism. After the significant drop in the industry due to the pandemic, the aviation industry is definitely experiencing an immense increase in bookings. Several airlines have started to offer special discounts such as flexible policies for cancellation, lower fares of flight tickets, or even loyalty incentive programs in order to persuade travelers to choose them. Therefore, yes, revenge tourism most definitely has influenced the aviation industry in both positive and negative manners. However, it is also important to keep in mind that travel trends are forever changing and can be influenced by a variety of factors.

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A Complete Guide on How to Get OCI Card in USA

India is one of the most culturally-diverse countries in the world. Its rich heritage, incredible landmarks, and prosperous history are some of the numerous factors that make it an ideal destination to travel. This is why every year over a million US citizens visit India and explore the country. If you are also one of those people who are planning a trip to India by booking international flight tickets from US to India then you’ve probably heard about a document named an “OCI Card”. If yes, but don’t know what it signifies, then you are at the right place. Because in this blog, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) Card. So read on.

Acquiring an OCI Card has many advantages such as ease of travel, immigration to the country, owning property in India, etc. While the Government of India initially offered PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) Cards, these have been since run down in favor of “ OCI Cards”. Read further to learn more details on what is an OCI card, how you can apply for one, what documents are required, how you can get OCI Card in USA, and where to book cheap international flights from US to India.

What is an OCI Card?

What is an OCI Card

An OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) Card is a smart card assigned to a PIO (Person of Origin) who immigrated from India and has subsequently obtained a citizen of a foreign country.  In other words, an OCI Card is a travel document that allows visitors or travelers to enter and exit the country of India without the need for a visa. This OCI card is valid for the whole lifespan of the holder and there are also no other restrictions on how many times the cardholder can enter or exit India. The OCI cardholder also acquired privileges such as the ability to work, live in, as well own property in India, other than the right to vote in Indian Elections and Public offices.

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Who is Entitled to Apply for an OCI Card?

Who is Entitled to Apply for an OCI Card

There are certain preconditions that a person must fulfill in order to apply for an OCI Card. However, please be aware of the fact that one cannot apply for an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Cardholder if their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were or are nationals of Pakistan or Bangladesh. Now, let’s take a look at some of the points that make you eligible to apply for an OCI Card:

  • A person is eligible to obtain an OCI Card if he/she were a resident of India on or after January 26, 1950.
  • If one were eligible to become a citizen of India on January 26, 1950.
  • If the person was born in the region that further evolved into a portion of India after August 15, 1947.
  • If the person is a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild of an Indian citizen.
  • Any candidate who is the minor child of the aforementioned individuals.
  • They are also eligible if the applicant is a minor child whose parents are nationals of India or any one of the parents is a citizen of India.

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What is the Procedure to Apply for a New OCI Card in US

What is the Procedure to Apply for a New OCI Card in US

Now let’s take a look at a step to step approach to how to get an OCI card in USA:

  • Determine the type of OCI Card you need
  • After that collect all the essential documents
  • Fill out the OCI application form online
  • Further, submit your Mail-In Application and also pay the Application Fee
  • In addition to it, submit your physical Application
  • Now, after that wait for the email notification of submission.
  • Wait further for your application to be proceed
  • And have your OCI Card delivered to you

And after the completion of an application, it generally takes 6-8 weeks to obtain an OCI Card. To learn more about cheap international flights from US To India, visit Budgetairfares.com and plan a trip to your dream destination in India today!

Benefits of Acquiring an OCI Card

An OCI Cardholder possesses the following benefits:

  • OCI Cardholders can travel to India on multiple-entry, multi-purpose visas for the rest of their lives.
  • You possess the exemption from reporting the length of your stay to the police authorities.
  • OCI Cardholders have the same rights as non-resident Indians (NRIs) in economic, financial, and educational domains except for the accession of agricultural or plantation holdings.
  • Cardholders also have ingress to consular services from Indian embassies and stakes around the world.
  • People with the profession of doctors, advocates, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, etc. are sanctioned to work in India.
  • OCI Cardholders do not require an exit visa to leave India for any period of time.

Therefore, this is all the essential information you need on how to get OCI Card in USA. As mentioned above there are several advantages of possessing an OCI Card. However, there are also certain activities that are restricted and limited to even OCI cardholders. Hence, if you are also planning a trip to India, then buy US to India flight tickets online from Budgetairfares.com and head to one of the most adventurous trips of your lifetime.