Did You Know How To Get Cheap Flights From USA To India?

Flight journeys are expensive and exhausting but even more so when you are traveling long distances and the tickets cost more than half your travel budget! For example, any journey from the USA to India costs more and takes more than 12 hours to get you to your destination. While we can’t help you with the travel times, the one thing we can remedy is prices. After reading through our tips, you will be able to book cheap flight tickets to Bangalore with a snap!

Expert Tips To Get Cheapest Flights To India

Expert Tips To Get Cheapest Flights To India

Always book earlier (we’re talking 2 to 3 months here, people!).

When you book your flight tickets early, you get to avail flights at amazingly discounted prices. Just don’t use this tip to book in November to January because that is when the peak tourist season is and prices quadruple. Know when to book and always refer to the booking calendar available on the flight ticket booking page as it shows you how much the prices differ per month or day.

Subscribe to airline and travel portal’s newsletters (they’re not spam!).

We might skip subscribing to the newsletters of airlines and travel portals thinking they’re full of spam. In reality, they are major lifesavers if you really want to save big on booking flight tickets! They are filled with information of how you can get the biggest discounts and offers to avail cashbacks and more.

Love your favourite airline? Stick to it (preferably like a koala!).

Not applicable if you don’t have a favorite airline (obviously!), but if you do, always try to choose that airline for your flight journeys to enjoy bigger, better rewards. If you remain loyal to your airline, it rewards you with major discounts and offers along with points and miles to gain more benefits. As a bonus, you can always check USA to India flight booking deals on Budget Airfares for some extra savings along the way!

Check prices of one – way and round – trip flights (before booking, not after!).

Remember to always check for one – way and round – trip flights before you book, because it would be pointless to beat yourself up after  you booked it at high prices. If one of them is cheaper than the other, use it to plan your travel itinerary.

Look for the 24 – hour rule (of booking flights, not sleeping!).

Do not sleep on this golden 24 – hour rule of flight bookings when you aren’t sure of your travel plans. Life is unpredictable and you never know when you might need to cancel your flights. Always do your cancellations during 24 hours of booking your ticket because airlines do not usually charge a cancellation fee if you get it canceled in time.

Research in a private or incognito window (yeah, the one used to do secret stuff!).

Told countless times yet many people still make this rookie mistake! If you are researching for the cheapest, most affordable flight tickets to India from USA online, (even on  Budget Airfares!), always do it in a private or incognito window. The website(s) won’t be able to store trackers (cookies!) on your phone and increase flight prices as deemed fit. Travel smarter – book your ticket!

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Finding the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight Tickets to India


Want Airline Tickets  at the lowest price? It’s not just you. Whether it’s a trip to see family or the upcoming dream vacation, we’re constantly working to secure the lowest airfare. Thanks to the internet and online travel booking sites and discount vendors that replaced conventional agents, we now have access to a larger range of rates and options, all at our fingertips.

India is a fascinating and diverse country that has a dizzying array of attractions to offer tourists. Intriguing India tours reveal the nation’s breathtaking landscapes, magnificent palaces, and elegant forts, while thrilling tiger safaris explore the interior’s dark forests. Numerous communities of different nationalities, cultures, and faiths coexist peacefully in the country. The secular basis of our multiracial nation allows for a wide variety of festivals and celebrations.

Travelers yearn to visit the unique country of India once at least before they die. You will encounter a range of things on your trip to India, from the country’s magical origins to its vibrant nightlife. But before you decide on your schedule, you need to consider when is the best time to book airline tickets to India. Here is all the information you require regarding the most affordable times to purchase plane tickets to India:

Different Season For Traveling To India

Different Season For Traveling To India

If you want to discover cheap international flights from US to Ahmedabad, you must book tickets far in advance. Also, bear in mind that some days are more reasonably priced for travel than others. For instance, weekend ticket prices tend to be on the pricier side. Additionally, if you decide to travel during the busiest season of the year, the higher ticket prices will reflect your choice. There are three primary seasons depending on how many tourists occur during each season. Although, the price of airline tickets fluctuates according to the time of year.

The Peak Season (June 9 – July 28 & Dec 1 – 27)

If you choose to travel to India at any time between the second and last weeks of June, you will have to purchase expensive airfares to Bangalore. The same will hold true if you visit India in December.

The Off-Season (Jan 15 – May 30 & Sep 10 – Nov 1)

The off-season is an excellent time to book cheap flights from USA to Bangalore.  At this time, the factors that affect ticket prices come together to generate reasonable ticket prices. Typically, this time frame runs from the middle of January until the end of May. Similar pricing trends in the period from September 10 to the beginning of November may also be observed.

The Intermediate Season (August 5- 30, Nov 10 – Dec 10 & Dec 28 – Jan 30)

At this time, the price of tickets is neither extreme nor average. This time of year, flights to Bangalore are neither prohibitively cheap nor prohibitively costly. The intermediate season occurs three times per year. This season’s first occurrence starts around August 5 and lasts through the end of the month. From the 10th of November to the 10th of December, similar trends in ticket prices are seen. The final occurrence of this season begins on December 28 and lasts through January 31.

What is the cheapest Month to Fly to India?

According to statistics, February is the most economical month to buy air tickets to India. You may purchase the most affordable flight tickets to India by making your reservations well in advance and for the right day of the week. Thus, if you are flexible with your travel dates, you now know the cheapest month to fly to India.

Book Flight Tickets To India With Lowest Airfare

With regard to the most favorable travel conditions in the off-season, February is generally considered to be the ideal time to buy airline tickets From JFK To MAA. However, there are a few additional possibilities you may want to consider for even more affordable flight booking opportunities.

The months of July (end) through September have seen a significant decline in flight prices as they represent the height of the offseason. Since few people travel to India during the monsoon season, all airlines are inundated with offers for their services.

It is not advised that you travel to the coastline areas or the high-altitude alpine regions since doing so could be dangerous given the current climate. However, one can always visit some of the country’s most attractive and fairly safe towns, such as those in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and MP.

The ideal strategy for savoring the best travel fares and discounts is to book international flights from US to India early in advance. It goes without saying that last-minute flight bookings can be quite expensive depending on seat demand and availability. Booking a flight is best done at least 3 to 6 weeks before the scheduled trip. Many of you might be unaware, but in addition to the time period, there are also cheap travel days of the week that could increase your savings on airfare.

Book Cheap Flights to India with BudgetAirfare

India is a beautiful country in the world with incredibly different cultures and experiences that you can travel to without breaking the bank. It’s intriguing how much each season has to offer travelers visiting India.

It may be difficult for an individual to purchase a flat ticket at the ideal time and price. However, Tripbeam also here to help you out. Search Tripbeam to grab the cheapest international flight tickets to India.

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8 Gorgeous Swimming Holes Around the World To Take a Dip

What’s a better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than diving into a breathtaking swimming hole? Summer is just around the corner which means the temperature begins to rise. And while everyone is planning trips to go beaches why not take a slightly more offbeat way to cool off this summer heat: swimming holes.

Taking a plunge into a splendid swimming hole is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. These swimming holes have everything from exhilarating swims to stunning views and the best part is that many people usually don’t know about them which means no crowd. So, book your international flight tickets with BudgetAirfares now and get ready to take a plunge into these stunning swimming holes around the world.

There are several astonishing swimming holes around the world. Some of these are quite popular, while others often go unnoticed. These swimming holes are surrounded by clear turquoise waters, picturesque scenery, and spontaneous mountain views that show you the raw beauty of nature. So, instead of going on another trip to the beach, book cheap international flight tickets from BudgetAirfares and have an adventure tracking down these beautiful nature-made pools.

Here’s a compiled list of the 8 gorgeous swimming holes around the world that you’ll be dying to take a plunge into this summer.

1.  Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca in Mexico is so much more than just a popular travel site. It is a geological and natural wonder. Hierve in Spanish means to boil. Thus if you are planning on travelling to Mexico, you may be expecting to see a beautiful big boiling swimming hole. However, The Hierve el Agua genuinely has a frozen appearance as its waters tumble down the mountainside in shades of green, blue, and yellow. While the waterfalls are white, two mineral pools are perched on the cliff’s edge and provide an amazing perspective of the surrounding, untamed terrain. Several people from around the globe travel to Mexico to beat the heat of the summer by taking a dip in Hierve el Agua.

2.  Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona, USA

Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona, USA

These magnificent pools, created by Havasu Falls, are a well-liked location for cliff jumping. Deep within the Grand Canyon, the crystalline blue waters are only accessible after an arduous and perilous walk.

You must make reservations through the Havasupai Reservation to visit, albeit they are becoming more and more difficult to come by due to the area’s rising popularity. Book the cheapest international flights from USA to visit this amazing Havasu Falls.

3.  Giola Natural Pool, Thassos Island, Greece

Giola Natural Pool, Thassos Island, Greece

Near the Astris settlement, there lies a stunning sea lagoon called the Giola. You may swim in the Aegean Sea next door or descend to the blue, crystal-clear waters below thanks to the island’s steps-like rocks. In each case, get the chance to encounter a special aspect of nature either way. This seashore treasure is reputed to be quite a walk. However, those who enjoy adventure, hiking, and the outdoors will be rewarded with stunning views of the sea and the sun.

4.  Devil’s Pool, Livingstone, Zambia

Devil's Pool, Livingstone, Zambia

On the edge of Victoria Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls in the world is this dishevelled infinity pool. When the water level is lowest, which is from mid-August to mid-January, you can only swim in it.

Adventurers can leap into the pool after a hard hike there and swim up to the edge of the roaring falls, where a rock barrier has formed over many years. Additionally, browse BudgetAirfares to get your hands on the cheapest air flight tickets.

5.  Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

The famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland’s Grindavik defies its moniker once more with its hot waters. The artificial Lagoon was built in the late 1970s and today contains 1.5 million gallons of seawater that is heated by geothermal energy from deep inside the Earth. The waters are reputed to have a “healing quality,” and they are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur. Travellers can relax in the on-site sauna or steam room or splash around in the water.

6.  Figure 8 Pool, Sydney

Figure 8 Pool, Sydney

About an hour outside of Sydney, in Royal National Park, is the Figure 8 Pool, which is close to Burning Palms Beach. Around here, there are a lot of naturally occurring rock ponds, and one of them just so happens to be exactly formed like a figure eight. Reaching the swimming hole requires a three to four-hour, treacherous, rocky, and steep walk. According to NSW National Parks, travellers are advised to only go during low tide when the waves are minimal.

7.  Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools in Glen Brittle, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, is a great site for “wild swimming,” especially if the weather is nice if you’re willing to endure the chilly (but crystal-clear) waters. Visitors can access the stunningly picturesque waterfalls and pools through a walk; some are more private than others. One of the travellers once remarked that the series of slanting and descending ponds was “beautiful, even in horrible weather.”

8.  Enfield and Lucifer Falls, Ithaca, New York, United States

Enfield and Lucifer Falls, Ithaca, New York, United States

Consider travelling to upstate New York to escape the oppressive city heat. You may visit Robert H. Treman Park and all of its waterfalls just outside of Ithaca. The 115-foot Lucifer Waterfall may be the primary draw, but the Enfield (or Lower) Falls, which are less well known, are also stunning. Before jumping in at the base of Enfield Falls, take a stroll around the area and park to see a total of roughly a dozen waterfalls. Grab last minute flight deals from BudgetAirfares to visit Enfield and Lucifer Falls.

Therefore, these were the 8 gorgeous swimming holes around the world to take a dip. Visit BudgetAirfares to grab cheap flight deals and get on an adventure of tracking down these breathtaking swimming holes.

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New York! Let’s Set Out To Explore

New York! The name itself light up one’s mood, isn’t it? Well, why not when it is one of the most glamorous and one of the most happening cities in the world. New York is the fashion, cultural and financial hub of the United States. It is a city to be experienced, with no doubts. You can explore New York in your own way as this city house places of interests for every kind of soul. One can just stop by the street vendor for some bagels or just can soak yourself in the charm of the city by taking a walk around the Manhattan downtown. Though the list is endless we are here with some handpicked, let’s have a glance.

  1. Go To The Top Of The Freedom Tower

Arrest the New York skyline in an entirely different manner, climb up the newly inaugurated freedom tower, also known as one world trade centre. This tower is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world. But before you get too excited let us tell you, you are going to face a long queue but the view from the top is worth standing in the queue. The view for sure will make up for all the time you have invested standing. Do get a perfect picture up there with Chrysler Buildings and the Empire State in the backdrop.

  1. Take A Ferry To Statue Of Liberty

How can you not visit Statue Of Liberty when you are in New York. We mean, your trip won’t be complete without it’s visit. So you must pay a visit to Statue Of Liberty, which is one of the top most New York attractions. So here’s how, take a ferry ride to Ellis Island and wonder at the Statue Of Liberty or just climb it up. But yeah if you wanna go for the latter, you need an advance booking, a month advance we suggest.

  1. Spend The Night Away At Times Square

Times Square is a place which will attract you here again and again, the huge billboards, Broadway theaters, the splendid play of lights or the many beautiful shopping and dining venues that are open till wee hours, anything might be the reason to get attracted to the Times Square. This place is located at the intersection of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue and id truly the heart and soul of New York, it is one of the liveliest place to be.

  1. Explore Culture at Rockefeller Centre

You can get here to admire some beautiful seasonal plants at the gardens and also can admire the sculptures and also you can have a tour to the Art Deco landmark. And the amazing part is that you get to have a 360 degree city view from the deck at the top of the Rock. There’s a lot more to keep you busy at the Rockefeller Centre.

  1. Soak In The Local Flavor Of Washington Park

This is one of the most busiest and popular public parks known as Washington Square Park an is located in the heart of a village named Greenwich Village, Manhattan. This is a prefect picnic spot on New York. If you are here do not miss the cultural performance, have a relaxed evening here by the fountain and click endless pictures by the Washington Arch.

So now you have a fair list of places you shouldn’t miss upon when you have planned a trip to New York, well we are happy to serve, now it’s your turn to set the priorities. Which of the above place stop your bucket list, grab your back and start out exploring!