How We Work is an online travel portal which aims at providing customers with best services, therefore we are the ultimate destination for all your travel related needs. We offer you with airlines tickets from USA to India and India to USA. is not restricted to that, it is beyond that as here we even help our customers and also offer them best hotels and amazing holiday packages.

We have a search engine where we have search engine option and live fares by our supplier (GTT International) which serves you the benefit of searching and booking directly without any hurdle. The procedure of booking your online flight is completely secure with us.

We even use live chats and calls to book your tickets. On the other hand travel agents gets you unpublished flight deals to India from US or US to India. We have professional travel agents understand all that you expect and help you book your flight accordingly and also try and get everything at an affordable price.

We are sub travel agent to GTT works as a Sub Travel Agent to Airline Consolidator Suppliers GTT International based in New York.

425 5th Ave #507,
New York, NY 10016, USA
Phone: +1 212-629-1000

GTT international is an Airline Consolidator that does B2B consolidation of flight tickets under the guidelines framed by ARC/IATA

GTT ARC number is 33508333
As Sub agent we purchase flight tickets from B2B supplier (GTT International) and deal it with the clients through Search Engine API which is unified on our portal or via call and live chats. The fares which is informed in the website are provided by the supplier (GTT) and are not in any cause adulterated to mislead the customer.

About GTT
GTT International was established in 1984, in Dallas, Texas. GTT is built on offering the customers best services and world-class possible value. They are now developed and have more than 4000 subagents.

GTT International was established in Dallas, Texas in 1984. GTT is structured on serving the customers the best services and also world class services, possible. They are currently developed to more than 4000 sub agents.

GTT grips firm contracts with ACES Airlines, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air India, Air New Zealand, American AirlinesAll Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Aviacsa Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, British Midland Airways, Copa Airlines, Dragonair, China Southern Airlines, Egypt Air, GRO Allegro Airlines, Gulf Air, Eva Airways, Iberia Airlines of Spain, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Icelandair, Kingfisher Airlines, Korean Airlines, LAN Chile, LAN Ecuador, Lufthansa German Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAM Linhas Aereas, TACA, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Varig Brazilian Airlines, among others.

Online Travel Agency (OTA) License
The requirement for the licensing in the US to be a travel agent holds not much to do with the process of licensing. No training, testing or qualification process required. All that is needed is to fill a easy form, give a small amount and with this you can start selling travel in USA. There are few states that have their individual “Seller Of Travel Requirements”. the following are the states, Florida, California, Hawaii and Washington. Our company is registered with the state of Delaware which doesn’t need Online Travel Agency to get a license to smoothly run a business.

Fraud Protection on
We work as a sub agents to an ARC company GTT we have to look according to the protocols as to prevent frauds on the website. Travel sub agents are praised to take up risk management tactics in place to control the risk of deceit.

So when any customer is taking flight tickets through the search engine of the website, his PNR is created in advance on our backhand but as per the ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) endorsement we have to issue the card after looking through deceit prevention protocols.

The customer is going to receive an internal reference number and then we screen customer by asking:
1) Copy of passport of customer and card holder (if the card holder is different from traveler)
2) Customer needs to sign and agree to the charges and terms and conditions after signing the document.
3) Showing last four digits , a picture of Credit Card.

Address authentication check is done by our personal system. (in the backend AVS check the address and a red flag is marked in case the address provided is not matching with the address provided in card). in such a case we give a call to our customer and also the Card Company together. If the card issuer accepts it after that is done we proceed forward with the formalities.

Less or more all online agencies follow these rules, we are moving a step ahead as a security trick by taking your copy of passport, scanned.

How are payments processed?
All payments are made for booking flights by the customer using the live search API which directly process our supplier with GTT International. We do not save your credit card details with us. Once you have made the payment after security and deceit check you will receive an e ticket with PNR and reservation number with other details via e mail.

How are Tickets Send to Customer?
An e-tickets which he booked online is sent to the customers after all the check is done.

How Customer is protected Against fraud?
We receive payments through credit cards only. They payment is taken always as per the USA credit card policy. It is the responsibility of the credit card company to protect clients from any fraud. What in our hands is to only safeguard the customers from the deceit that demands their credit card details in the duration of taking charges from them for their services one has taken from us. At the time we do the documentation we only demand for the credit card scanned copy with only showing the 4 last digits known as CVV and not the complete credit card number. In case any one of you reading do not find this secure you have the proper right to charge the amount back. We as a sub agent will handle and answer ARC supplier regarding this.

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