Terms & conditions

We highly recommend our customers to read this Terms and Conditions document carefully before using the site and availing our services. These Terms and Conditions aim at developing an understanding and an agreement between the both the parties involved in the services provided by this online ticket booking portal. We will therefore, consider that by booking a ticket or availing any of the other services at budgetairfares.com, you thereby, agree to abide by all points mentioned in the below mentioned Terms of Use . We reserve the right to make any change in the policies anytime. However, any such change will be notified on the website itself.

Table of Contents:

  1. Terms of Use
  2. Eligibility
  • Bookings
  1. Prices & Payments
  2. Cancellations & Refunds
  3. Insurance
  • Travel Documents
  • Intellectual Property rights
  1. Disclaimers & Warranties
  2. Limitation of Liability

Terms of Use

The ‘terms’ refer to the terms on which the user’s usage of the website and its information is bases, whether as guest visitor or a registered member. It comprises of browsing and accessing the website.

Using the website by you, confirms your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. If you are not in agreement with them, it is requested not to use the website. If any issue regarding amendments or changes in future arise, you are free to leave using the website anytime. Continued access and usage would be considered as your acceptance of our modified terms.

Eligibility – Our services are for all to avail, conditioned that they are 18 or above and have the requisite authority to make international air-travel.

Bookings: The bookings you make through this website, it is made by the name of the website on the booking page and the website acts as only a user interface. We share no responsibility in creating the prices and fees of the flight tickets as it is solely the prerogative of the airlines. We however, help in pointing out the best option available across various channels. We are only answerable for the personal discounts and sale offers, and not for any price hike or change on the part of the airlines. Thus, in case you have any dispute regarding the booking, you agree to resolve it directly with the airline.

Prices & Payments- The prices as provided on the website or stated otherwise, can be inclusive or exclusive of the Booking Fee, Airport Taxes, other Applicable Govt. Taxes. The prices are subject to change even at the last moment of booking, depending on availability. We, will however, keep you updated with it all. But, prior intimation of such variations in prices is not possible.

For making payment, we accept all major transaction methods:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • DirectCash deposits

Please note: No refund request will be entertained, once the booking has been made.

Cancellations & Refunds: The cancellation & refund policy is not universal for for all situations and subjects. It also varies from offer to offer. The customer s advised to check with their travel representative to review the policy regarding their particular deal before making the purchase.

In the event of any change in the flight schedule timings or routes, due to environmental emergencies or any political upheavals, the changes made are beyond control. We could offer convenient re-arrangements, however no refund would be made, unless all flights to the given route are entirely canceled.

*Unless stated otherwise, all the ticket bookings are generally non-refundable in nature.

Insurance: Travel insurance is not an inclusive purchase with the purchase of air-tickets. We, however, provide this extra service. It is recommended to one all all to always fly insured. We will not be held responsible for any reimbursements, or refunds in case of your loss due to an untoward happening during the flight.

Travel Documents: Arranging, renewing and verifying of travel documents is not our responsibility. The traveler must himself get these mandatory formalities done, prior to their travel. We can only furnish some certain set of documents based on the information the customer himself provides, it is therefore their own responsibility to get the details checked and make sure the information is correct.

Possession of a valid Visa is mandatory for international travel to countries like India, without which one may have to face legal consequences, and deportment to the native country. Also, medical examinations and vaccinations may also be required to get the clearance. It is solely the responsibility of the traveler to finish all such formalities. In case of any delay due to non-possession of the valid documents or any of the above mentioned points, no refunds can be claimed.


All rights to the content, images, software, service marks and trademarks on our website is owned by budgetairfares.com or our affiliates. You can make use of the information provided on the website, and even make print copies, given that it is used for personal purposes only. Such copies must contain all the proprietary rights that appear on our pages. Your access to the website information does not in anyway give you the license to use it for any commercial purpose. Any breach of these terms will lead to your right of using the website, effective immediately.

Disclaimer Warranties: All the special offer deals as displayed on the website have one way fare mentioned. This is Inclusive of all taxes, sans any Hidden Cost. However, this does not qualify to confirm the availability of seats on any particular flight. This must be inquired about prior to the bookings. Also, we express no warranty of all the information to be error-free. Sometimes the auto-generated content may have errors, thus re-confirmations are always advisable. We also, do not always display all the available offers on the website, and the lowest prices may also not be disclosed explicitly on the website. Therefore, pick your fare choice, and inquire about other profitable deals to confirm the seat availability for your preferred flight in a direct communication with our travel representatives.

Limitation of Liability – Budgetairfares.com in no event, can be held responsible for any indirect, exemplary or punitive in-flight harm of any kind. Our liabilities are limited. The law exempts us from extended liabilities, and thus damage claims exceeding the amount that of the total payment made by the traveler will not be born by us.

The above Terms and Conditions should be considered as an agreement between budgetairfares.com and the customer. Both parties must be in agreement with the points discussed above, before any business is carried forward.