New York! Let’s Set Out To Explore

New York! The name itself light up one’s mood, isn’t it? Well, why not when it is one of the most glamorous and one of the most happening cities in the world. New York is the fashion, cultural and financial hub of the United States. It is a city to be experienced, with no doubts. You can explore New York in your own way as this city house places of interests for every kind of soul. One can just stop by the street vendor for some bagels or just can soak yourself in the charm of the city by taking a walk around the Manhattan downtown. Though the list is endless we are here with some handpicked, let’s have a glance.

  1. Go To The Top Of The Freedom Tower

Arrest the New York skyline in an entirely different manner, climb up the newly inaugurated freedom tower, also known as one world trade centre. This tower is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world. But before you get too excited let us tell you, you are going to face a long queue but the view from the top is worth standing in the queue. The view for sure will make up for all the time you have invested standing. Do get a perfect picture up there with Chrysler Buildings and the Empire State in the backdrop.

  1. Take A Ferry To Statue Of Liberty

How can you not visit Statue Of Liberty when you are in New York. We mean, your trip won’t be complete without it’s visit. So you must pay a visit to Statue Of Liberty, which is one of the top most New York attractions. So here’s how, take a ferry ride to Ellis Island and wonder at the Statue Of Liberty or just climb it up. But yeah if you wanna go for the latter, you need an advance booking, a month advance we suggest.

  1. Spend The Night Away At Times Square

Times Square is a place which will attract you here again and again, the huge billboards, Broadway theaters, the splendid play of lights or the many beautiful shopping and dining venues that are open till wee hours, anything might be the reason to get attracted to the Times Square. This place is located at the intersection of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue and id truly the heart and soul of New York, it is one of the liveliest place to be.

  1. Explore Culture at Rockefeller Centre

You can get here to admire some beautiful seasonal plants at the gardens and also can admire the sculptures and also you can have a tour to the Art Deco landmark. And the amazing part is that you get to have a 360 degree city view from the deck at the top of the Rock. There’s a lot more to keep you busy at the Rockefeller Centre.

  1. Soak In The Local Flavor Of Washington Park

This is one of the most busiest and popular public parks known as Washington Square Park an is located in the heart of a village named Greenwich Village, Manhattan. This is a prefect picnic spot on New York. If you are here do not miss the cultural performance, have a relaxed evening here by the fountain and click endless pictures by the Washington Arch.

So now you have a fair list of places you shouldn’t miss upon when you have planned a trip to New York, well we are happy to serve, now it’s your turn to set the priorities. Which of the above place stop your bucket list, grab your back and start out exploring!

Wanna Travel US, See What To See!

USA is an evergreen tourist destination, it is still attractive to people all over the world. Many are attracted to this country because of the good movies, television shows, great music and the places it offers to visit. Many dream to take a trip to US just once in their lifetime to visit the beauty of US from their own eyes. This place has something for all, be a beach lover, a history inquisitive or a peace lover. There are places that will touch your heart and you won’t feel like leaving the country, the large number of great places and the diversity has made it difficult to pick up places to visit but we are here with a prime list, let’s have a look.

New York City
Many important icons and America’s most populous things are situated in New York city, which itself is a popular city of America. If in New York you should witness Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building as these are the top attractions of the city. This city also known as the big apple is favourite among all, be it a domestic or an international visitor. You are highly recommended to take a walk on the high line, a railroad, really old.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the lure of Hollywood and international celebrities. With the breezes from the pacific ocean this place is an obvious addition to the list of top places in US destinations for tourists. Come LA for it’s famous beach such as Santa Monica and Malibu. You can even get down to LA for shopping on Rodeo Drive. You can even try touring Beverly hills and walking along the boardwalk of LA’s famous beachfront, Venice Beach.

This city has been called the second city of the US from long, in comparison to the New York. Chicago has many good restaurants, shopping centres, museums, a skyline and many activities to rival NYC and LA. We recommend you to not miss the Cubs game at the Wrigley Field, a well famous one.

Washington DC
This is the United state’s capital city and is house to miles of museums and monuments. Almost all of the museums and monuments visit here is free of cost, hence making it one of the most visited cities of the united states. This place is a perfect place for families to visit and also for school groups. It is also a perfect place to witness US history. It is also home to George Washington’s mansion and art galleries. And if you want to have a look at the famous cherry blossom than they are at their full bloom from March to April.

Las Vegas
Casino is the synonym to Las Vegas and hence many tourists come to this city to their hands and luck upon the Casinos here. But this city also is house to blockbuster shows, top notch restaurants, world class shopping all of which contribute to make this city a true desert oasis. Do take a tour to MGM Grand and do try your luck at the Casino of Planet Hollywood Hotel. Also you ca have a walk through the Neon Museum.

So now you know what to look for when you land to US. Make a list, set your priority and start with the trip. We wish your come back with bag full of memories and money, if you try your luck in Las Vegas!