Hindi Words & Phrases To Learn Before Traveling In India

India is the home to 22 different languages. But most Indians primarily know Hindi and / or English. So, if you keep putting off making your vacation plans to India because you don’t know enough Hindi, this is exactly for you! Book cheap air tickets to India from USA on Budget Airfares while we tell you about all the commonly used words and phrases you will need to know in Hindi and their right pronunciations!

What Hindi Words & Phrases Should You Learn Before Traveling To India?

These are the most common phrases you will likely need to improve your interaction in Hindi. This will also help you understand your favourite Bollywood movies and songs better, shop better and even communicate with your local driver! It becomes a lot easier to make new friends and it lets others know that you are appreciative of their language and culture. Well, without further ado, here they are!

Namaste | Nuh-muh-stay | नमस्ते

Used to greet someone older than you, like hello.

Theek-hai | Theek-hay | ठीक है

This means okay, that you understand what they said and are okay with it. Although ensure that you do understand what they are saying before giving the A – okay.

Han | Hanh | हां

Simply put, it means yes.

Nhi | Nuh-heen | नहीं

This word means no.

Nhi Chahiye | Nuh-heen Chah-hee-yay | नहीं चाहिये

This means that you don’t want / need it. Especially useful in situations where you are crowded with sellers or followed by tuk tuk drivers as you are walking.

Ho Gya | Hoe Guh-yah | हो गया

This means you’re done. If used as a question, it means are you done?

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Dhanyavad | Dhan-yah-vad | धन्यावाद

Easy word. This means thank you.

Makhani | Mah-Khan-ee | मखानी

Looking for butter chicken on the menu? It is usually listed as Murgh Makhani, great for non – vegetarians. There is also Dal Makhani if you want a delicious creamy dal, great for vegetarians.

Angrezi me boliye. | Ahn-grae-zee meh bowl-ee-yae. | अंग्रेज़ी में बोलिये.

Phrase translates to, speak in English. However, not everyone in India can speak in English so use this only with professionals, good cafes and restaurants, and students.

Bathroom kha he? | Bath-room kuh-hanh hay? | बाथरूम कहां है?

This means where is the bathroom? It is an important phrase to know in any language.

Kitne Paise? | Kit-nae peh-sae? | कितने पैसे?

This phrase means how much money? Can be used for asking prices during shopping, paying for something and bargaining.

Good phrases to know during conversation are as follows.

Aap Kese He? | Aap kae-sae heh? | आप कैसे है?

This phrase translates to, how are you?

Main theek hu. Or aap? | Mehn theek hoon. Or aap? | मैं ठीक हूं. और आप?

This means I’m good. And you? This is usually used after someone has asked how you are.

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Handbook For Traveling To India From USA : Popular FAQs

When you are looking forward to your trip to India, book cheap air tickets to India from USA on Budget Airfares and find out the details about getting there without hitches. Pretty simple, right? That’s our way! Now before we move on to the questions, let’s begin with the basic ones. You may even try and see if you know the right answer before reading ours! Gear up and let’s go!

Easy FAQ Guide To Travel To India From USA

Do you need a visa to travel to India if you are a US citizen?

Yes, all foreign nationals need an India visa before entering the country. This includes you, if you are a US citizen.

What is the best time to visit India?

Though the climate of India varies from region to region, usually the months from October to March are the best times to travel to India. With the weather greeting you pleasantly with a slight chill in the air, you can always enjoy major festivals of India like Diwali, Holi and Durga Puja in these months.

Just make sure to know what to pack in your luggage according to the local climate of the place you will be visiting.

How to travel to India from the USA?

The best way to travel to India from the US is through a flight. Though most flights from the US to India and vice versa have one or 2 stops in between, flights to major cities of India like Delhi or Mumbai have non – stop flights. This gives passengers easy access to fast travel between the 2 locations. So, don’t wait to get the best flight tickets from USA to Ahmedabad on Budget Airfares today!

How to travel in India?

There are many ways to travel when you are in India. The primary ways to travel long distances are trains and flights. For traveling shorter distances, buses are a good option to consider. And if you want to travel in the location you are in, take your pick from buses, rented cars, scooters, cycles and motorbikes, autorickshaws, rickshaws, taxis and more.

These sum up the major ways to travel in India with a choice of both expensive and budget – friendly options thrown in altogether.

What are the best places to visit in India?

The best places you can visit in India are quite popular among tourists coming to India for the first few times. You can choose from the Golden Triangle or visit northern India if you have a deep seated interest in the mountainous regions.

The southern regions include plenty of beaches and a relaxed happy atmosphere. The western regions are big on culture and cuisine while the eastern regions are arid with a generous dose of colourful culture.

The best locations in India include places given below.

  • Agra
  • New Delhi
  • Jaipur
  • Mumbai
  • Varanasi
  • Goa
  • Darjeeling
  • Shimla

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Essential Things To Get You Excited For A Vacation In Ahmedabad

Planning a visit to the 5th largest city in India? Yes, Ahmedabad is truly that huge to be explored on a quick trip. This is why you need to know the basics of where to begin before you start planning out your journey. And we’ve got your back! You only need to do 2 things here: first, read up what we have laid out for you and then, avail the hottest, most affordable flight offers to Ahmedabad on Budget Airfares before booking your flights.

Where To Begin When Planning Your Ideal Trip To Ahmedabad?

How to get to and from the airport (AMD)?

Prepaid taxis are the best way to travel to and from the airport. For an approximately 10 km journey, you can expect to pay anything between Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.

How to get around the city?

If you want a cost – effective way to get around the city, we would tell you to opt for the buses run by the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS). They can get you to almost every destination in the city and only set you back by a small fee. The buses operate on pay – per – ride basis and the minimum fee is Rs. 5 to the maximum fee being Rs. 30.

You can also go for the buses run by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL), but you need to know that the fare is higher when compared to AMTS and the service is faster.

Additionally, autos and rickshaws are available everywhere in the city. However, they are more expensive than the buses but less when compared to taxis. If you want to go for personal travel vehicles, taxis are your best bet. They are the costliest and you should agree on the fare with the driver before getting in, or you will (most likely!) be overcharged.

What language(s) do you need for effective communication?

Though Gujrati is the local language spoken here, most of the people understand Hindi well. Working professionals along with those in the travel and tourism industry speak or understand English.

If you don’t want to learn a new language, you can always use a translation app to communicate effectively. Keep that in mind before getting affordable flight tickets to India from USA on Budget Airfares.

What and where to buy in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is famous for its textile industries so don’t miss out on buying tie – dyed and traditionally hand embroidered clothing items along with the cloth bags and purses. If you are buying from the street side shops, don’t forget to bargain for it because you will get the items you like at steal deals!

The best places to shop your goodies at include the old markets such as Teen Darwaja, Dhalgarwad, Ratan Pole and Manek Chowk. The newer markets are at CG Road and Sarkhej – Gandhinagar highway along with the street shops near Law Garden.

You will practically get all sorts of things you want here, including clothing, accessories, souvenirs, handmade items and much more.

What to eat in Ahmedabad?

There are so many delicious local dishes to have here that we don’t even know where to begin! Start your way from Khakhra and work your way to Maska Bun and Tea, Chat, Dal Vada, Bhajia and Jalebi along with Khaman and Dhokla.

You can also go for Khandvi, Sev Khamani, Locho, Vada Pav, Dabeli, Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Masala Dabeli, Chola Kulcha, Handvo, Ragda Patties, Jini Roll Dosa, Cheese and Pineapple Jam sandwich, and Kulfi Falooda.

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Top 8 Essential Tips for Successfully Organizing Your Business Travel

Business travel may have become a regular occurrence for business professionals who have been in their field for a while. However, if you’re new to the executive world, a work trip could be both a thrilling opportunity and a challenging responsibility. However, by taking the right precautions, you can ensure a trouble-free journey from start to finish. No matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned business traveler, knowing how to pack and get organized for a trip is crucial.

This article contains useful suggestions that will enable you to make the most of your first business trip while avoiding difficulty. After all, there are a lot of things to think about, details to verify, reservations to make, and calendars to align. So, visit BudgetAirfares to book cheap flight tickets from US to India and check out these top 8 essential tips for successfully organizing your business travel.

1. Travel Arrangements

You should first become familiar with your employer’s business travel policy. It differs greatly from the individual or a brief break. Additionally, it will assist you in scheduling the form of transportation, such as trains, buses, taxis, or planes. Consider all factors, including money, travel time, and paperwork. Search through a number of price comparison websites, then choose the one that offers the greatest value for you to book your trip. Make sure your aircraft has WiFi so you may conduct business while in the air. Check for national holidays or other religious days when planning a business trip, especially one that may take you abroad, as some restaurants and businesses may be closed on those days.

2. Prepare a Travel Checklist

When booking international flight tickets from US to India, having a packing list will help you make sure you don’t leave anything important at home. You can evaluate all the things you need to pack, such as travel documents, clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other essentials, by using a checklist.

By doing this, you can prevent the frustration and hassle of finding out after you have left home that you forgot something crucial.

3. Pick Out the Right Travel Luggage

Choosing the right luggage for your business travel can dramatically increase how convenient your trip is. Choose dependable carry-on luggage for your first business travel that is lightweight, portable, and stylish. Additionally, make sure it complies with the specifications of your airline.

The typical dimensions of carry-on luggage are 22″x 14″x 9″. Many bags now have smart features like GPS trackers, integrated luggage scales, and anti-theft protection. You can spend money on these to travel more securely.

4. Avoid Excessive Baggage

In order to avoid being burdened by too much luggage, it’s crucial to bring only what you need. Furthermore, overpacking makes it more difficult to keep your suitcase organized, which lowers productivity. If you don’t overpack, you can travel light and have space in your suitcase for last-minute necessities.

5. Keep Some Backup Cash in Your Carry-On Luggage

It’s crucial to keep extra cash in your carry-on for a variety of reasons. For instance, your wallet might have been taken, there might not be an ATM close by, or your debit card might not be functioning.

Being trapped without cash in an unknown location is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. If an unanticipated event arises while you are traveling, having additional cash on hand could provide you with security and peace of mind.

6. Use AirTag

Consider attaching an AirTag to your luggage, wallet, and other valuables to prevent them from being stolen or lost.

Using a phone and a little Bluetooth device called an AirTag, you can track your belongings. To make it simpler to locate your belongings, it has an embedded sound alert that can be turned on from your phone if the AirTag is closed.

7. Check-In Online

When booking online flight tickets from US to New Delhi, checking in online has many benefits. You can acquire your boarding card on your phone by checking in online, which will let you avoid standing in long lines at the airport. This is especially helpful for business travelers with time-sensitive itineraries.

Usually, you can choose the seat of your choice while checking in online as well, giving you more control over your travel arrangements.

8. Take advantage of TSA PreCheck

Through the TSA PreCheck system, passengers can obtain accelerated screening, which reduces the amount of time spent in the queue for airport security.

PreCheck eliminates the need to take off your shoes, belts, and other accessories, as well as remove your laptop from your carry-on. This will help you travel through the airport more easily and without incident.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn the art of business travel organization to increase output and decrease stress. The top 8 suggestions serve as a road map for successful business trips. By following these suggestions, you can turn your travels into a chance for achievement and professional growth. Additionally, if you are looking to book cheap international flights from Canada to India, make sure to check out Flyopedia.ca, the top online travel website.

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Travel Light: Top 7 Best Ultra Lightweight Carry-On Bags Under 5 Pounds

Want to travel light? Do not bring “ultralight” carry-on bags that are too heavy! We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 lightweight bags to save you money on overweight baggage fees. The best thing, though? They are all under 5 pounds!

There are plenty of options available if you’re looking to purchase lightweight carry-on luggage. These bags also have a tonne of fascinating features that affect packing, transportation, and protection. You can purchase heavy-duty hardware, integrated charging devices, and wheel locking systems. However, it’s crucial to be conscious of airline regulations when choosing your next carry-on; size and weight are essential factors. Many individuals opt for cabin luggage that weighs less than 5 pounds in order to avoid additional airline fees.

Furthermore, visit Budgetairfare, if you are on the lookout for the cheapest international flight deals.

When you need to pack a variety of outfits (including matching shoes and accessories), your complete skin care regimen, exercise equipment, and essentials for working remotely, lightweight luggage can help you balance your load. But with so many choices, we often get confused about which one is the best. Thus, in order to help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best ultra-lightweight carry-on bags under 5 pounds. So, read on.

Best Ultra Lightweight Carry-On Bags Under 5 Pounds

In this section of the blog, we’ve rounded up the top 7 lightweight carry-on bags that weigh in under the 5-pound mark. Also, these duffels, under-seat bags, weekenders, and suitcases aren’t only light. In addition, they have a number of compartments, and notable features like expanders, compression panels, laptop sleeves, TSA-approved locks, and USB charging connections. They are also strong, portable, and roomy. So, get ready to shop!

1. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage

Overall Dimensions: 23 x 14.5 x 9 inches

Weight: 5.4 pounds

This incredibly light luggage is big enough to hold everything you’ll need for your upcoming journey while still being compact enough to utilize as a carry-on. You may pack as much as you can and still keep your possessions close to you in the airplane thanks to sides that can expand up to 2 inches. This rolling bag has H20 Guard and is made of premium nylon. The high-performance ball-bearing wheels glide effortlessly across any surface, and the PowerScope Lite grip makes it simple to manage the case while you walk with it. Thus, get ready to test the high performance of Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage by flying internationally with Budgetairfare.

2. DELSEY Paris Luggage Chatelet

DELSEY Paris Luggage Chatelet

Weights just 4.3 lbs

Hard Case, TSA Lock, Four Wheels, Additional Handles

Aesthetically Pleasing

This hand luggage is perhaps the greatest lightweight carry-on bag on the market and one of the most popular carry-on bags on the list. This bag is large—21 inches—but not heavy. It has extra handles, four wheels, and a TSA lock, among other things. In addition, it is quite beautiful. The Delsey Paris Luggage has a few drawbacks, and even though it costs a little more than some other bags, it is still quite affordable.

3. Samsonite Freeform Carry-on Spinner

Samsonite Freeform Carry-on Spinner

Dimensions: 21.25 x 15.25 x 10 inches

Weight: 6.5 pounds

Materials: Polypropylene

This baggage is shockingly inexpensive and represents the next generation of lightweight suitcases. The sleek exterior is made of polypropylene, which is the lightest material available for hard-side luggage, and its ridged pattern helps to deflect dings and scratches. There was a zippered pocket for delicates and another compartment for soiled clothes or shoes. Finally, the double-spinner wheels on the bag allow for easy movement at different speeds. Hence, get ready to book international flight tickets with Budgetairfare and take your Samsonite Freeform Carry-on Spinner for a spin.

4. AmazonBasics Softside Carry-On Spinner Luggage Suitcase

AmazonBasics Softside Carry-On Spinner Luggage Suitcase

Overall Dimensions: 14.7 x 9 x 21 inches

Weight: 5.5 pounds

This incredibly economical ultralight carry-on luggage option is ideal for the infrequent traveler. This soft-side luggage promises to be more flexible than comparable hard-sided luggage, and it can also be compressed for usage in confined locations. The telescopic handle locks into position, making it simple to adjust the height to your preference, and the firmly installed handles make lifting it efficient. Additionally, the four 360-degree spinning wheels guarantee effortless gliding in every direction.

5. Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-On

Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-On

Overall Dimensions: 22.8 x 14 x 9 inches

Weight: 5.8 pounds

This luxurious carry-on bag is soft-sided, lightweight, and equally attractive and useful. The expandable design of this bag provides an additional 4 liters of capacity when needed, making it ideal for a long weekend away.

The polyester case is lightweight even when fully loaded. Both the exterior pockets and the completely lined interior have lots of compartments to keep your possessions organized while you’re on the go. The external pockets are helpful for holding items you need quick access to. Your belongings will be kept in place by the elastic tie-down straps, ensuring that they are wrinkle-free when you arrive.

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6. Cities Ultra Light ABS Hard Shell

Cities Ultra Light ABS Hard Shell

One of the most affordable choices

5-year warranty, strong shell, lock

In any direction that four wheels spin

The Ultra Light ABS delivers the best of all worlds and maybe the greatest hand luggage option for regular flyers on a budget. This ultralight bag has a sturdy shell, a lock, and a reasonable size of 21 inches. It has the lowest price on the list and a 5-year warranty as well. There are essentially no drawbacks, making this a great deal. Also, are you planning on traveling overseas with your Cities Ultra Light ABS Hard Shell ultra-light carry-on bag? Then book cheap flight tickets from USA to India with Budgetairfare and grab some additional benefits.

7. Aerolite Maximum Allowance Airline

Aerolite Maximum Allowance Airline

Weight: 5.3 pounds

Quick access to personal stuff is provided by two front zip pockets.

The Aerolite carry-on case provides travelers on a budget with a cheap option as one of the lightest soft side cases on the market. This case is made of 500 denier polyester fabric, which is water-resistant and simple to clean. Additionally,  it has a padded carry handle that makes lifting easier.

The 20-inch telescopic retractable handle offers a number of high stops to choose from for convenience. You may easily tip or roll the case close to you thanks to the 4 smooth spinner wheels. These lightweight carry-on bags are definitely worth their exceptionally low cost.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when looking for the finest ultralight carry-on bags under 5 pounds there are a variety of solutions that are both adaptable and useful for frequent travelers.  Whether you prioritize durability, storage space, or aesthetically pleasing design, these bags allow you to travel in comfort and enjoyment without sacrificing quality or flair. Additionally, if you are looking for cheap international flight tickets from canada, then visit flyopedia.ca to grab the finest flight deals.

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8 Gorgeous Swimming Holes Around the World To Take a Dip

What’s a better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than diving into a breathtaking swimming hole? Summer is just around the corner which means the temperature begins to rise. And while everyone is planning trips to go beaches why not take a slightly more offbeat way to cool off this summer heat: swimming holes.

Taking a plunge into a splendid swimming hole is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. These swimming holes have everything from exhilarating swims to stunning views and the best part is that many people usually don’t know about them which means no crowd. So, book your international flight tickets with BudgetAirfares now and get ready to take a plunge into these stunning swimming holes around the world.

There are several astonishing swimming holes around the world. Some of these are quite popular, while others often go unnoticed. These swimming holes are surrounded by clear turquoise waters, picturesque scenery, and spontaneous mountain views that show you the raw beauty of nature. So, instead of going on another trip to the beach, book cheap international flight tickets from BudgetAirfares and have an adventure tracking down these beautiful nature-made pools.

Here’s a compiled list of the 8 gorgeous swimming holes around the world that you’ll be dying to take a plunge into this summer.

1.  Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca in Mexico is so much more than just a popular travel site. It is a geological and natural wonder. Hierve in Spanish means to boil. Thus if you are planning on travelling to Mexico, you may be expecting to see a beautiful big boiling swimming hole. However, The Hierve el Agua genuinely has a frozen appearance as its waters tumble down the mountainside in shades of green, blue, and yellow. While the waterfalls are white, two mineral pools are perched on the cliff’s edge and provide an amazing perspective of the surrounding, untamed terrain. Several people from around the globe travel to Mexico to beat the heat of the summer by taking a dip in Hierve el Agua.

2.  Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona, USA

Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona, USA

These magnificent pools, created by Havasu Falls, are a well-liked location for cliff jumping. Deep within the Grand Canyon, the crystalline blue waters are only accessible after an arduous and perilous walk.

You must make reservations through the Havasupai Reservation to visit, albeit they are becoming more and more difficult to come by due to the area’s rising popularity. Book the cheapest international flights from USA to visit this amazing Havasu Falls.

3.  Giola Natural Pool, Thassos Island, Greece

Giola Natural Pool, Thassos Island, Greece

Near the Astris settlement, there lies a stunning sea lagoon called the Giola. You may swim in the Aegean Sea next door or descend to the blue, crystal-clear waters below thanks to the island’s steps-like rocks. In each case, get the chance to encounter a special aspect of nature either way. This seashore treasure is reputed to be quite a walk. However, those who enjoy adventure, hiking, and the outdoors will be rewarded with stunning views of the sea and the sun.

4.  Devil’s Pool, Livingstone, Zambia

Devil's Pool, Livingstone, Zambia

On the edge of Victoria Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls in the world is this dishevelled infinity pool. When the water level is lowest, which is from mid-August to mid-January, you can only swim in it.

Adventurers can leap into the pool after a hard hike there and swim up to the edge of the roaring falls, where a rock barrier has formed over many years. Additionally, browse BudgetAirfares to get your hands on the cheapest air flight tickets.

5.  Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

The famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland’s Grindavik defies its moniker once more with its hot waters. The artificial Lagoon was built in the late 1970s and today contains 1.5 million gallons of seawater that is heated by geothermal energy from deep inside the Earth. The waters are reputed to have a “healing quality,” and they are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur. Travellers can relax in the on-site sauna or steam room or splash around in the water.

6.  Figure 8 Pool, Sydney

Figure 8 Pool, Sydney

About an hour outside of Sydney, in Royal National Park, is the Figure 8 Pool, which is close to Burning Palms Beach. Around here, there are a lot of naturally occurring rock ponds, and one of them just so happens to be exactly formed like a figure eight. Reaching the swimming hole requires a three to four-hour, treacherous, rocky, and steep walk. According to NSW National Parks, travellers are advised to only go during low tide when the waves are minimal.

7.  Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools in Glen Brittle, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, is a great site for “wild swimming,” especially if the weather is nice if you’re willing to endure the chilly (but crystal-clear) waters. Visitors can access the stunningly picturesque waterfalls and pools through a walk; some are more private than others. One of the travellers once remarked that the series of slanting and descending ponds was “beautiful, even in horrible weather.”

8.  Enfield and Lucifer Falls, Ithaca, New York, United States

Enfield and Lucifer Falls, Ithaca, New York, United States

Consider travelling to upstate New York to escape the oppressive city heat. You may visit Robert H. Treman Park and all of its waterfalls just outside of Ithaca. The 115-foot Lucifer Waterfall may be the primary draw, but the Enfield (or Lower) Falls, which are less well known, are also stunning. Before jumping in at the base of Enfield Falls, take a stroll around the area and park to see a total of roughly a dozen waterfalls. Grab last minute flight deals from BudgetAirfares to visit Enfield and Lucifer Falls.

Therefore, these were the 8 gorgeous swimming holes around the world to take a dip. Visit BudgetAirfares to grab cheap flight deals and get on an adventure of tracking down these breathtaking swimming holes.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through Airport Security

Planning an entire trip is solely one of the most stressful aspects of traveling. Over that, the constant worry about getting through airport security without anything being tossed out of your bag just adds more fuel to that stress. Every passenger wants their travel journey to be comfortable and hassle-free. However, there is always a possibility of a mistake or unforeseen hurdle. While it might be hard to face those setbacks, there are certain actions that you can take in order to prevent them. Below, you’ll find a compiled list of 5 common mistakes to avoid when going through airport security. Additionally, you can visit BudgetAirfares if you are looking to buy affordable US to India flight tickets.

Airport Security check is simply done for the safety and security purposes of passengers. Sometimes it can be really hard to follow those rules of security especially if you are planning on flying internationally because each country has its own rules of safety. While you can’t really do anything about those long processes, you can be proactive and come prepared for the process. Avoiding these 5 common mistakes when going through airport security can help you save your time, money, and a few embarrassing situations. So, read on to breeze through the checkpoint. Also, if you are planning a getaway and are looking for affordable flight deals then visit BudgetAirfares to book cheap international flights from US to India.

Avoid these 5 Huge Mistakes When Going Through Airport Security

1.   Forgetting Important Documents

Forgetting Important Documents

Do not arrive at the airport unprepared. As an air travel passenger, you won’t be able to go very far without the important documents needed to board your flight. In fact, you won’t be able to pass through security without your boarding pass let alone go any further. Therefore, always make sure to keep your important documents such as ID proof, passport-size photograph, and boarding pass intact in a single handy file and not at the bottom of your suitcase. Also, if you are planning on flying overseas such as international flights from USA to India, remember to check the expiration date on your passport and your destination’s validity requirements.

2.   Not Wearing Appropriate Socks and Shoes

Not Wearing Appropriate Socks and Shoes

Yes, there is no denying on the part that you might be sitting for the most part of your journey on the flight. However, there are usually quite long distances to cover between the terminals that you’ll need to walk, and if you are not wearing appropriate shoes then you might just end up with blisters and sore feet. Additionally, there is a good chance that agents will ask you to remove your shoes at the security checkpoint and trust us you do not want to hold the whole line up just because you can’t take your shoes off. Therefore, wear shoes that are easy to take on and off to save time.

Also, avoid roaming around the airport barefoot as the airport floor sees all kinds of filthy things throughout the day and you don’t wanna get an infection. Additionally, you can easily buy US to India flight tickets online by just visiting BudgetAirfares.

3.   Not Being Aware of the Liquid Rules

Not Being Aware of the Liquid Rules

If you have any gel or liquid material then we suggest you follow the 3-1-1 rule. In your carry-on luggage, you can only bring liquids that are in intact containers with a maximum capacity of 3.4 ounces (100 mL) or less. In addition to that, all the liquid containers must be packed in a resealable one-quart bag. Alcohol beverages with over 3.4 fluid ounces or with over 70 percent alcohol are not permitted neither are souvenirs or toys with liquid over 3.4 fluid ounces. Also, make sure to put these items in easy-to-reach places so you can easily place them in the X-ray bin at the TSA checkpoint.

4.   Leaving your Jacket On

Leaving your Jacket On

While there is no denying that as a passenger you want to be comfortable on the especially if you have a long flight ahead, wearing too many bulking clothes may get you extra security screenings. Leaving your jacket on may seem unusual to the checking officers and there is a good chance that you’ll have to take it off and dropped it in the bin with the rest of your belongings. Therefore, it’s better to lose your puffy jacket before going through the TSA checkpoint especially if you are flying overseas such as international flights from USA to India.

5.   Not Avoiding Wrapping Gifts

Not Avoiding Wrapping Gifts

If you are planning on bringing a present, it is highly recommended to not wrap it. As the security personnel will ask you to open the present covered in wrapping paper for security purposes. Not only will this slow down your checking process but will also ruin the lovely job that you might have done with the gift wrapping. Therefore, do yourself a favor and leave things open for the officer to inspect.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we know that staying in a security line for hours can be time-consuming. But going through airport security doesn’t have to be so difficult. These aforementioned 5 common mistakes to avoid when going through airport security can help you lessen the time of security check at the airport. Therefore, avoid these above-mentioned mistakes to reach your gate on time and make your travel smooth. Also, visit BudgetAirfares to book cheap international flights from US to India and many other amazing flight deals.

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Know Your Fundamental Rights Before Flying

Nowadays traveling has become such a conventional part of our globalized society. People from all around the world travel on a regular basis to distinct places in order to fulfill their leisure and business needs. And thanks to air travel, now people do not have to spend days on a train before reaching their destination. They can just book a flight ticket and reach their desired destination in just a matter of time. But before you book a flight, are you well aware of your fundamental rights? If not then let’s discuss the fundamental rights of a passenger to ensure a hassle free travel experience. Also if you are looking to buy affordable US to India flight tickets, then visit Budgetairfares.com and grab amazing flight deals.

According to the data collected by the International Air Transport Association, there are more than 1 lakh flights operating around the world on a daily basis. And as per the reports with US airlines conveying approx 674 million passengers in the year 2021, these numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years. But as we know, with growing progress the possibility of several setbacks also arrives.

Therefore, a traveler must be aware of his/her basic rights before flying to ensure a relaxed and hassle free travel experience. Being aware of your fundamental rights can help you travel with more confidence and prepare you for any unpredictable situation. Additionally, visit Budgetairfares.com to buy cheap international flights from US to India and treat yourself to a pocket-friendly trip.

Here is a compiled list of passenger rights that one must be aware of before flying with an airline to ensure a hassle free travel experience:

Right to Information

As a passenger of the airline, you carry the most essential right to information. The passenger is fully authorized to receive the most accurate and latest information concerning their flight status. Whether it is regarding the delay of your flight, cancellation of the flight, or even the slightest change to your flight schedule, remember that as a passenger of the airline you are entitled to receive every information concerning your flight. And if any airline failed to provide you with the latest updates on your flight, then you as a passenger are sanctioned to act in a way that suits you the best.

Pricing of the Ticket

Pricing of the Ticket

The next important right of a passenger is ticket pricing. The passenger of any airline carries the right of knowing the full price upfront of their flight ticket. It is your right that before booking any airline, one must be fully aware of all the details associated with the pricing of the flight. The details comprise the base airfare such as all charges payable to the airline, fees,  the government-imposed taxes, etc. You can also buy US to India flight tickets online from BudgetAirfares and get your hands on cheap flight deals.

After your ticket has been confirmed by the airline, remember to keep track of any changes that might happen to your flight charges. Keep in mind that after the passenger has booked their flight, the airlines are not allowed to raise the price of a ticket. However, there can be an exception only if there is a rise in fees, taxes, or other charges levied by the government or the commission.

Flight Delay and Cancellation

Flight Delay usually takes place when the airline is not going to operate at its scheduled time. And the cancellation of the flight happens when some extreme incident takes place such as incident like bad weather. Therefore, it is always necessary to read every rule and regulation the airline has mentioned regarding its delay and cancellation policy.

Remember to keep yourself up to date to claim your refund and cancellation from the airline. Therefore, be sure that you keep yourself familiar with the rules and regulations of the airlines before flying.

Automatic Add-ons

As a passenger of any airline, you are very much entitled to know about all the services that are going to be offered by the airlines when you will be on board. Sometimes the airline may tend to add some extra charges for add-on services. The passenger must be fully aware of those charges beforehand. If the passenger wants those add-ons, then one can go ahead with those charges. However, if you do want any add-ons, then the airlines cannot compel any passenger to take those without their permission. Also, book cheap international flights from US to India from BudgetAirfares and save extra money for more of your future purchases.

Claims and Compensation

It is important to recognize the fact that there are certain circumstances when as a passenger of the airline you can claim compensation. Therefore, before flying one must be aware of their flight rights in order to make an informed decision in such situations. Let’s first discuss those certain circumstances:

  • Passengers’ Right to Refund: If a delay of the flight takes place because of the airline, then the passenger may be entitled to get a refund. However, this rule does not apply if the passenger misses their flight because of their own fault.
  • Rebooking of the Flight: Keep in mind that if an airline delays or canceled due to some unavoidable situations such as bad weather etc, then the airline needs to rebook the passenger for the next available flight. Also, if the passenger is not happy with the available options then they also have the right to get a full refund or compensation.
  • Right to Request Accommodation: In certain cases, the passenger has the right to request accommodation from the airline. These situations may include personal disabilities or any special needs. However, one must request in advance for special accommodation so that the airline can make the arrangements accordingly.
  • Lost or Damaged Baggage: The airline that are travelling with is supposed to bring your luggage intact without any damage. Thus, you are fully entitled to ask for compensation, if your luggage gets lost or damaged during the transit period.

However, there are also certain exceptional circumstances where a passenger is not entitled to ask for a claim or compensation i.e. extreme weather conditions, security hazards, or any situation that the airline could not have possibly predicted. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that the rules and regulations vary from airline to airline and country to country. Hence, remember to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments regarding your flight.

Also, if you are planning to travel to India, then book cheap flight tickets from US to India from BudgetAirfares and get your flight tickets at affordable prices. Now, stop waiting around and buy affordable US to India flight tickets to take full advantage of amazing flight deals.

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7 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Luggage

While we all are well aware of the fact that there are certain things that you shouldn’t pack in your carry-on bags, do you know there are also a number of things you should avoid putting especially in your checked bags? As we know that these days people are all about traveling light and sticking to a carry-on bag for longer trips, however, checking a bag can be the best option. However, before packing everything into your checked luggage and sending it on its way, have a look at these 7 items that you should never put inside.  Additionally, if you are also looking for cheap international flights from US to India then visit Budgetairfares.com and get your hands on some of the most amazing flight deals.

These days people usually prefer to have a carry on bag while flying because honestly, some are looking to dart the checked baggage fees while others just don’t want to wait in long queues. The TSA security rules on what can be packed in your luggage or whatnot can be confusing. Especially when some things can go in your carry-on bag but not in a checked bag, and vice versa. So, we don’t blame you. We know that packing the wrong thing in your checked bag even accidentally can put you in trouble. Therefore, through this blog, we can help you get all the information about the things you should never pack in your checked luggage and where you can get affordable US to India flight tickets. So, read on.

7 Things You Should Avoid Putting in Your Checked Bag

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens over a million checked bags on a daily basis. And while we know that nobody likes, someone going through their personal belongings, these are just the rules that are placed for the safety of aviation. Therefore, for this further part of the blog post, we are going to enlist some of the things that are flat-out banned from checked bags. Also, if you are looking for international flight tickets from US to India, then visit Budgetairfares.com and seize the opportunity of getting affordable flight deals.



Maintaining your health on the trip should be the primary goal of any travel which means taking all your regular medications with you. However, medications are one of the top things that an airline asks you to carry out of your carry-on luggage. As a travel enthusiast, you must be well aware of the fact that things won’t go exactly as you had planned. There is always a possibility for your prescription medicines to get lost in transit or get too hot, or too cold in the cargo hold. And let’s be honest no one wants to start their exciting vacation by giving a call to their doctor for emergency medicines. Therefore, remember to always carry your medications in your handbag or a small pouch.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

According to the strict TSA security rule, Lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries are only permitted in carry-on bags, and not in your checked bag. The reason is simply that they can catch fire if short-circuited. And while the fire in the cabin can be attenuated by the crew, there is a high chance that the fire in the aircraft hold could lay out undetected. Therefore, the airport staff always ask the travelers if their bag has lithium batteries. And if you do then we would like to suggest you keep them in your carry-on bag.



If you are thinking of packing your electronics in the check-in luggage, then it might be one of the cruelest things that you are going to do to your electronics. Sure, it will lighten the weight on your carry-on bag but at the cost of being damaged. If you are still oblivious then let’s tell you that your check-in bags are tossed around constantly in transit as the handlers are also in a haste to pass the bags on. If that’s not enough then there is also a good chance of theft. And if any of these things happen, then there is a great chance that the airlines will not take any responsibility for it. Therefore, if you are going to carry your electronics with you, then might as well carry them in your check-in baggage.

Jewelry, Cash, and Other Valuables

Jewelry, Cash, and Other Valuables

As we have already mentioned above, the airline will not take any responsibility for the valuables in any case of theft. According to the airline contract of carriage, they make it clear they are not liable for stolen or lost valuables. Therefore, we suggest you do not pack anything that you have a fear of losing. However, in rare cases, if you have to travel with jewelry, cash, and other valuables then pack them in your carry-on luggage. Buy international flight tickets from US to India from Budgetairfares and get your hands on some of the most amazing flight deals.

Passport or any Other Important Documents

Passport or any Other Important Documents

Do not make the foolish decision of putting your important documents such as Passport, ID proofs, etc in your checked luggage. These essential documents can contain your private and personal information that can be purloined and lead to identity theft. Now, we know that in today’s tech world, everything is accessible through a phone but it is still not very good to pack your important documents in your checked bag.

Matches, Lighters, e-Cigarettes, or Vape Pens

Matches, Lighters, e-Cigarettes, or Vape Pens

According to the TSA’s list of rules, passenger is allowed to carry one single pack of safety matches in their carry-on bags. One can also carry Disposable and Zippo lighters without fuel in their carry-on bags. Next, e-cigarettes or vape pens can also be carried in carry-on luggage but are strictly prohibited in checked bags. If necessary, one can pack up to two fuel lighters in a checked bag only on the condition that it is properly packed in DOT approved cases.

Certain Food and Alcoholic Beverages

Certain Food and Alcoholic Beverages

If you are traveling internationally, remember there are rules about packing certain foods and alcoholic beverages. There are certain foods that are not allowed to enter the USA from abroad. While there are some wine and alcoholic beverages that can be packed in your checked bag. However, remember that any alcohol over 140 proof is strictly prohibited in checked or carry-on luggage.

Now, that we all are well aware of the 7 things you should never pack in your checked luggage, you can easily book cheap flight tickets from US to India and head for your most awaited vacation. You can easily buy US to India flight tickets online by visiting Budgetairfares.com, just make sure to not pack these aforementioned things in your checked bag and you are good to go.

Top 5 Incredible Destinations in India to Detoxify your Spirit & Heal your Soul

We can all collectively agree to the part that sometimes life tends to get a little crazier. And in those times all we want to do is to get out of our daily routines and take some spare time for ourselves to clear our heads. There was a time when people used to travel to explore new places, architecture, or the royal charm of the place. However, now the concept of holidaying is so much more than just fun and frolic.

Nowadays, the detoxification of the soul is the “new thing”. People are now more focused on improving their mental and emotional health by connecting with nature. And if you also looking to detoxify your soul then pay a visit to some of these incredible places of India by booking cheap international flights from US to India today.

India is a place that is popularly known for its healing practices and spiritual rejuvenation. The country is home to several spiritual awakening places which possess the celestial aura and is unblemished from the human commotion. The spiritual journey to India can offer you a chance to experience Indian culture, traditions, local food, and so much more. The country is a place to find your inner peace and renew your soul. Book affordable US to India flight tickets from BudgetAirfares.com and grab the chance to go on your spiritual retreats.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 5 Incredible Destinations in India that can help you to detoxify your spirit and heal your Soul.

5 Amazing Locations in India to Detoxify your Spirit

There can be a number of reasons why an individual wants to go on a spiritual awakening journey. While some people go to detoxify their bodies, some go to get in touch with their spirituality, and others just want a peaceful, serene vacation. So if you are also planning to go for a refreshing vacation, then buy US to India flight tickets online from BudgetAirfares.com and check out these 5 incredible destinations in India that are still unexplored and untouched.

  1. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

In the northeastern part of Ladakh, there is a magnificent valley known as Nubra Valley. The valley is often called a cold desert due to its high altitude. It is believed that just a glance at this picturesque

Khardung La Pass and Shyok (river) are enough to heal you with their pleasantness. The valley is filled with plenty of orchards, monasteries, picturesque landscapes, dunes, and Bactrian camels which makes it a perfect location to travel to for spiritual purification. A visit to Nubra Valley in Ladakh promises travelers amazing scenic views and centers that preach Buddhism to help calm their senses.

  1. Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu is also known as the Banaras of the South. Rameshwaram offers the travelers an abundance of natural beauty with its beautiful beaches and amazing temples. at is a veritable feast for the soul.

In addition to its natural beauty, Rameshwaram has a rich mythical history and an ambiance that is a veritable feast for the spirit. If you are looking to strengthen your spirit then this holy place is a perfect location for you to detoxify your spirit. Book affordable US to India flight tickets online from BudgetAirfares.com and start your journey of spiritual healing.

  1. Shimoga, Karnataka

Shimoga, Karnataka

Shimoga is one of the lively destinations of Karnataka. They say there is no better place where you can just near the undulating waterfalls and surround yourself with the lush green forests of Shimoga. The city is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls scenic valleys, lush green forests, and thriving farmlands. There are various rivers in Shimoga, such as the Bhadra, Tunga, Varada, Kumadvathi, and Sharavathi that offers travelers the utmost calmness and mental peace. A visit to Shimoga, Karnataka can help heal your soul in ways that you are not even aware of.

  1. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli in Uttrakhand is primarily known as the best skiing destination in India. Even though people usually travel to this town to get the finest skiing experience, what most people are not aware of is Auli is also highly admired for its breathtaking scenic views and incredible surroundings. Among many other gifts, the town also includes magnificent apple orchards, oak, and deodar trees. Auli is a place that can provide you with the most reviving times of your life and can help your soul detoxify and rejuvenate. Book international flight tickets from US to India from BudgetAirfares.com to plan your most awaited holiday trip with the intent to detoxify your Spirit and heal your Soul

  1. Mandi in Himachal Pradesh

Mandi in Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the Northwestern part of the Himalayas range, Mandi is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as the Varanasi of the Hills mainly because of its prepossessing carved Shaivite temples. The atmosphere of this little village in the northwest Himalayan Range is tranquil, peaceful, and amazing, which aids in relaxation and rejuvenation.  Additionally, the tranquility soothes the soul and help enlivens the spirit.

On the Final Note

There are many wonderful destinations in India where you can relax and rejuvenate your soul. A trip to these beautiful retreats in India will not only help you to uplift your spirit but also encourage you to face any harrowing ordeals of your corporate or personal life with a positive attitude. Therefore, if you are also looking for spiritual upliftment and want to ease the stress of your daily life, then we suggest you snuggle in the lap of nature by booking cheap flight tickets from US to India now. Buy the affordable US to India Flight Tickets from BudgetAirfares.com and head for your dream destination to find your spiritual connection with the divine.