Did You Know How To Get Cheap Flights From USA To India?

Did You Know How To Get Cheap Flights From USA To India?

October 3, 2023 Admin

Flight journeys are expensive and exhausting but even more so when you are traveling long distances and the tickets cost more than half your travel budget! For example, any journey from the USA to India costs more and takes more than 12 hours to get you to your destination. While we can’t help you with the travel times, the one thing we can remedy is prices. After reading through our tips, you will be able to book cheap flight tickets to Bangalore with a snap!

Expert Tips To Get Cheapest Flights To India

Expert Tips To Get Cheapest Flights To India

Always book earlier (we’re talking 2 to 3 months here, people!).

When you book your flight tickets early, you get to avail flights at amazingly discounted prices. Just don’t use this tip to book in November to January because that is when the peak tourist season is and prices quadruple. Know when to book and always refer to the booking calendar available on the flight ticket booking page as it shows you how much the prices differ per month or day.

Subscribe to airline and travel portal’s newsletters (they’re not spam!).

We might skip subscribing to the newsletters of airlines and travel portals thinking they’re full of spam. In reality, they are major lifesavers if you really want to save big on booking flight tickets! They are filled with information of how you can get the biggest discounts and offers to avail cashbacks and more.

Love your favourite airline? Stick to it (preferably like a koala!).

Not applicable if you don’t have a favorite airline (obviously!), but if you do, always try to choose that airline for your flight journeys to enjoy bigger, better rewards. If you remain loyal to your airline, it rewards you with major discounts and offers along with points and miles to gain more benefits. As a bonus, you can always check USA to India flight booking deals on Budget Airfares for some extra savings along the way!

Check prices of one – way and round – trip flights (before booking, not after!).

Remember to always check for one – way and round – trip flights before you book, because it would be pointless to beat yourself up after  you booked it at high prices. If one of them is cheaper than the other, use it to plan your travel itinerary.

Look for the 24 – hour rule (of booking flights, not sleeping!).

Do not sleep on this golden 24 – hour rule of flight bookings when you aren’t sure of your travel plans. Life is unpredictable and you never know when you might need to cancel your flights. Always do your cancellations during 24 hours of booking your ticket because airlines do not usually charge a cancellation fee if you get it canceled in time.

Research in a private or incognito window (yeah, the one used to do secret stuff!).

Told countless times yet many people still make this rookie mistake! If you are researching for the cheapest, most affordable flight tickets to India from USA online, (even on  Budget Airfares!), always do it in a private or incognito window. The website(s) won’t be able to store trackers (cookies!) on your phone and increase flight prices as deemed fit. Travel smarter – book your ticket!

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