A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Indian Food

A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Indian Food

August 2, 2023 Admin

Trying a new food can often be a little intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the vocabulary, dishes, or table manners. Fortunately, people enjoy tasting a wide range of foods, and Indian food has recently become more well-known. Nowadays, India is a favorite choice for many Americans since its cuisine is delectable and healthful, and provides a wide variety of options for vegetarians and vegans.

So, if you’re ready to taste Indian food but are a little reluctant because it is so unfamiliar, here is a beginner’s guide to exploring Indian food to make you feel more at ease when you go to an Indian restaurant for the first time. Whether you are planning a trip to India by booking international flight tickets from US to India or are trying Indian food for the first time, this is the best guidance on how to order and enjoy it.

Regional Cuisine of India

Regional Cuisine of India

India is a sizable nation that was formerly divided into numerous independent kingdoms. As a result, Indian cuisine varies greatly from region and region.

The cuisine in the north has a strong Persian flavor influence. The food is spicier towards the east and has Portuguese influences. You can anticipate more mustard oil and seeds in the West. Many southern cuisines include tamarind as a souring agent and coconut milk as a sweetener.

North Indian Food

North Indian Food

When visiting India, the majority of tourists head to the north of the country. North India is home to cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur, and Varanasi. If you’ve ever tried Indian food, it was probably North Indian because most Indian restaurants also serve that cuisine.

The cuisine of North India was significantly influenced by the Mughal era. It can be identified by its substantial reliance on dairy products including milk, yogurt, paneer (a mild Indian cheese), and ghee (clarified butter). Northern Indian cuisine is also known for its complex spice blends and tandoori-oven-baked meals.

Some well-known northern Indian dishes include samosas, dal makhani (lentil stew with a hearty tomato sauce), palak paneer, and korma. So, get ready to book cheap flight tickets from US to New Delhi and explore the famous northern cuisine of India.

Eastern Indian Food

From the meat-heavy cuisines of the interior to the fish and shellfish of the coast to the Tibetan and Nepalese-influenced meals of the Himalayan region, there are many diverse types of food to be found in the east. The majority of the regional food has a softer flavor compared to other parts of India.

Favorite ingredients include mustard seeds, poppy seeds, and mustard oil because they offer food a subtle pungency. Eastern Indian food staples include momos, Tibetan dumplings, lamb curry, and Bengali fish curry.

Western Indian Food

Mumbai and Goa are two well-known tourist attractions in Western India. Western Indian cuisine is diverse, ranging from straightforward vegetarian dishes to intricate seafood dishes. Here, you can choose from a wide variety of fish and prawn curries.

Goa’s cuisine is a distinctive and one-of-a-kind fusion of Indian and Portuguese culinary components because it was formerly a significant commercial port and colony of Portugal. Additionally, you can book online flight tickets from US to Goa through BudgetAirfares for hassle-free travel.

Western Indian cuisine favorites include goan fish curry, pig vindaloo, and pav bhaji.

South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine is most distinct from that of the rest of the country. In South Indian cuisine, coconut milk and coconut are more frequently used than cream or yogurt.

As a basic grain, rice is substantially more frequently consumed than bread due to the year-round heat and humidity. Two popular South Indian dishes that resemble bread, idli, and dosa, are really produced from rice.

The most significant spices produced in South India are pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. The region is known for a broad variety of hot cuisine, with each state having its own unique common dishes, spices, and cooking techniques.

How to Eat Indian Food as a Beginner

Indian cuisine may seem complicated at first, but with a bit more knowledge, it becomes very simple.

The majority of Indian cuisine is eaten family-style, which necessitates ordering numerous main courses that are shared by everyone at the table. If there are only two of you dining, you should order at least three courses, eliminating the bread and rice.

As a main course, you can serve dry foods or ones with gravy. Every dish will be served in a bowl, and each person will ladle a portion of each onto their plate. You can eat your food with either rice or bread. Sometimes it’s a good idea to order both.

Indian bread comes in a vast variety, but the most well-known ones include roti, which is the tiniest of them all, paratha, which is even thinner and flakier than naan, and naan, a flatbread that is commonly smeared with butter and garlic.

If you’re having rice with your meal, simply combine the two dishes’ sauces and eat them together with a fork or spoon. If you are eating with bread, you can pick up the meat or vegetables from the main dish with a piece of bread that you have torn off with your hands.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when eating Indian food is to not stress too much about your eating habits. You can use utensils, your hands, a combination of both, or any other method that works best for you to eat Indian food.

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