Experience Bisrakh, The Ancient Village Of Ravana In Greater Noida

Experience Bisrakh, The Ancient Village Of Ravana In Greater Noida

April 15, 2024 Admin

Budget Airfares is here with the birthplace of Ravana, the might opponent and enemy of Lord Rama in Ramayana. Bisrakh, a small village in the heart of greater Noida, is named after Rishi Vishwashrva. Though the name has been distorted numerous times over the years, the fact remains that he is the father of the ten – headed demon king Ravana. According to the stories, the ruler of golden Lanka was born here, and might have spent a part of his childhood here too.

All about Bisrakh, the birthplace of Ravana

Set in Sector 1 of Noida, this is a pretty old village for history and mythology enthusiasts. The best part, it is only about 20 to 30 km from Delhi, depending on your origin location. It is approximately a 15 to 20 – minute drive on the highways of Noida and Greater Noida. That means, you are set for the weekend trip you’ve been looking for.

How to visit the ancient Ravana Temple in Bisrakh?

It won’t be easy to find the temple as the location is remote. The first you will notice upon your arrival is a grocery store named Ravana Kirana Store. You can find Ravana DJ beside it in a garage. Anami Dham Ashram is opposite the grocery store at the location. You can ask the grocery store owner for directions to the temple. He will guide you to follow a narrow lane through the village with maintained houses on either side of the road.

After reaching a wilderness patch, you will find a temple with a tall shikhar. But this isn’t the destination we’re looking for. It will be a little further to your left.

The ancient Shiva temple of Bisrakh

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After entering the temple sanctum through the arch and the baroque temple entrance, you can see the temple’s boundary wall (Prakar). It is incredibly descriptive with its images from and of the life of Ravana. The artisans sculpting the images came all the way for this project from Odisha.

Lifelike image sculptures carved on the temple walls

When you visit the place, you will find an enormous and realistic image sculpture of the 10 headed demon king on the right of the door. On the left side of the door, you can see Rishi Vishwashrva praying to Lord Brahma, him and his wife worshipping together and Ravana offering his head to Lord shiva. You can also find image sculptures of his brothers, Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan.

You can see a big sculpture of Ganesh sitting at the top of the temple entryway. Winging him from both sides are sculptures of Goddesses Lakshmi riding an owl and Saraswati on a swan. Apart from these, there are also many image sculptures of rishis blowing on conch shells and Naga sculptures.

Next to the big temple is a smaller temple, which consists of a small room built around a Shivling. You can see the light pink structure surrounding the linga and a Nandi statue built out of black stone, sitting in the open temple complex.

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