Things You Should Know Before Visiting Lord Badrinath At Pandukeshwar

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Lord Badrinath At Pandukeshwar

April 8, 2024 Admin

Budget Airfares presents you with the ultimate religious destination this summer – Pandukeshwar. This is the sacred abode of the almighty Lord Badrinath. Situated in the heart of Vishnu Ganga valley, this quiet town is only 23 km downstream from Badrinath. Although the town is best visited in the summer season, spending winters here has its own charm.

Brief view into Pandukeshwar before visiting the sanctum of Badrinath

With a deep chill and the first snowflakes descending in the air, a sacred ritual begins. Before closing the gates of Badrinath Dham for the winters, a grand ceremony takes place. After the ceremony, a royal procession makes its way to Pandukeshwar with mobile images of Kubera (Lord Badrinath’s treasurer) and Uddhava (His childhood friend). Kubera and Uddhava are his representatives, overseeing their winter abode before going to rest.

Deep insight into Pandukeshwar before the Char Dham Yatra

The season for Char Dham Yatra begins with the onset of May. Tourists and travelers begin with an overnight stay in Joshimath – a scanty town grappling with the harsh reality of land sinking. It was vibrant and lively once, but over – population destroyed the homes of locals and turned it vacant. The next day you embark on a journey to Pandukeshwar, where you travel on the highway to Badrinath. It is a rocky narrow road that leads you downward. You will notice a board mentioning that you are in the holy temple.

You can park anywhere along the highway and descend along the series of stairs carved into the mountain. After the countless number of stairs, you get closer to the village of Pandukeshwar. It is settled along the Alaknanda River, also popularly known as Vishnu Ganga. Go ahead and get your USA To India flight ticket booking done on Budget Airfares to visit this sanctum. You will see that the temple complex is modestly small, with 2 adjacent temples. These are the Yog Dhyan Badri temple and Vasudev temple.

Management of the Badrinath sanctum

A priest from the Dimri clan of Brahmins oversees and handles all the management of the Badrinath Temple. He assists chief Rawal, whose origins lie in Kerala. Once the temple gates close for the winters, he returns to his home and the Dimri Brahmins descend to Joshimath and Pandukeshwar. The presiding deity of the sanctum is Lord Narayana, along with his representatives Kubera and Uddhava.

Meaningful connection with Mahabharata

There is a meaningful relationship binding this place and the narrative of Mahabharata in a great mythological significance. According to the local legends, King Pandu (father of the Pandavas) accidentally caused the death of a sage couple. He incurred a curse after his mistake, which made him renounce his kingdom. He descended into ascetic life with his wives Kunti and Madri.

After his 5 children (the Pandavas) were born, the curse took effect and the king died soon after. Kunti took the children with her to Hastinapur, the place where she was once the queen. Now, you can see a bronze life – sized statue of Lord Narayana in a meditative pose. It was said to be commissioned and installed by the Pandu.

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