Know Your Fundamental Rights Before Flying

Know Your Fundamental Rights Before Flying

May 22, 2023 Admin

Nowadays traveling has become such a conventional part of our globalized society. People from all around the world travel on a regular basis to distinct places in order to fulfill their leisure and business needs. And thanks to air travel, now people do not have to spend days on a train before reaching their destination. They can just book a flight ticket and reach their desired destination in just a matter of time. But before you book a flight, are you well aware of your fundamental rights? If not then let’s discuss the fundamental rights of a passenger to ensure a hassle free travel experience. Also if you are looking to buy affordable US to India flight tickets, then visit and grab amazing flight deals.

According to the data collected by the International Air Transport Association, there are more than 1 lakh flights operating around the world on a daily basis. And as per the reports with US airlines conveying approx 674 million passengers in the year 2021, these numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years. But as we know, with growing progress the possibility of several setbacks also arrives.

Therefore, a traveler must be aware of his/her basic rights before flying to ensure a relaxed and hassle free travel experience. Being aware of your fundamental rights can help you travel with more confidence and prepare you for any unpredictable situation. Additionally, visit to buy cheap international flights from US to India and treat yourself to a pocket-friendly trip.

Here is a compiled list of passenger rights that one must be aware of before flying with an airline to ensure a hassle free travel experience:

Right to Information

As a passenger of the airline, you carry the most essential right to information. The passenger is fully authorized to receive the most accurate and latest information concerning their flight status. Whether it is regarding the delay of your flight, cancellation of the flight, or even the slightest change to your flight schedule, remember that as a passenger of the airline you are entitled to receive every information concerning your flight. And if any airline failed to provide you with the latest updates on your flight, then you as a passenger are sanctioned to act in a way that suits you the best.

Pricing of the Ticket

Pricing of the Ticket

The next important right of a passenger is ticket pricing. The passenger of any airline carries the right of knowing the full price upfront of their flight ticket. It is your right that before booking any airline, one must be fully aware of all the details associated with the pricing of the flight. The details comprise the base airfare such as all charges payable to the airline, fees,  the government-imposed taxes, etc. You can also buy US to India flight tickets online from BudgetAirfares and get your hands on cheap flight deals.

After your ticket has been confirmed by the airline, remember to keep track of any changes that might happen to your flight charges. Keep in mind that after the passenger has booked their flight, the airlines are not allowed to raise the price of a ticket. However, there can be an exception only if there is a rise in fees, taxes, or other charges levied by the government or the commission.

Flight Delay and Cancellation

Flight Delay usually takes place when the airline is not going to operate at its scheduled time. And the cancellation of the flight happens when some extreme incident takes place such as incident like bad weather. Therefore, it is always necessary to read every rule and regulation the airline has mentioned regarding its delay and cancellation policy.

Remember to keep yourself up to date to claim your refund and cancellation from the airline. Therefore, be sure that you keep yourself familiar with the rules and regulations of the airlines before flying.

Automatic Add-ons

As a passenger of any airline, you are very much entitled to know about all the services that are going to be offered by the airlines when you will be on board. Sometimes the airline may tend to add some extra charges for add-on services. The passenger must be fully aware of those charges beforehand. If the passenger wants those add-ons, then one can go ahead with those charges. However, if you do want any add-ons, then the airlines cannot compel any passenger to take those without their permission. Also, book cheap international flights from US to India from BudgetAirfares and save extra money for more of your future purchases.

Claims and Compensation

It is important to recognize the fact that there are certain circumstances when as a passenger of the airline you can claim compensation. Therefore, before flying one must be aware of their flight rights in order to make an informed decision in such situations. Let’s first discuss those certain circumstances:

  • Passengers’ Right to Refund: If a delay of the flight takes place because of the airline, then the passenger may be entitled to get a refund. However, this rule does not apply if the passenger misses their flight because of their own fault.
  • Rebooking of the Flight: Keep in mind that if an airline delays or canceled due to some unavoidable situations such as bad weather etc, then the airline needs to rebook the passenger for the next available flight. Also, if the passenger is not happy with the available options then they also have the right to get a full refund or compensation.
  • Right to Request Accommodation: In certain cases, the passenger has the right to request accommodation from the airline. These situations may include personal disabilities or any special needs. However, one must request in advance for special accommodation so that the airline can make the arrangements accordingly.
  • Lost or Damaged Baggage: The airline that are travelling with is supposed to bring your luggage intact without any damage. Thus, you are fully entitled to ask for compensation, if your luggage gets lost or damaged during the transit period.

However, there are also certain exceptional circumstances where a passenger is not entitled to ask for a claim or compensation i.e. extreme weather conditions, security hazards, or any situation that the airline could not have possibly predicted. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that the rules and regulations vary from airline to airline and country to country. Hence, remember to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments regarding your flight.

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