Hindi Words & Phrases To Learn Before Traveling In India

Hindi Words & Phrases To Learn Before Traveling In India

December 4, 2023 Admin

India is the home to 22 different languages. But most Indians primarily know Hindi and / or English. So, if you keep putting off making your vacation plans to India because you don’t know enough Hindi, this is exactly for you! Book cheap air tickets to India from USA on Budget Airfares while we tell you about all the commonly used words and phrases you will need to know in Hindi and their right pronunciations!

What Hindi Words & Phrases Should You Learn Before Traveling To India?

These are the most common phrases you will likely need to improve your interaction in Hindi. This will also help you understand your favourite Bollywood movies and songs better, shop better and even communicate with your local driver! It becomes a lot easier to make new friends and it lets others know that you are appreciative of their language and culture. Well, without further ado, here they are!

Namaste | Nuh-muh-stay | नमस्ते

Used to greet someone older than you, like hello.

Theek-hai | Theek-hay | ठीक है

This means okay, that you understand what they said and are okay with it. Although ensure that you do understand what they are saying before giving the A – okay.

Han | Hanh | हां

Simply put, it means yes.

Nhi | Nuh-heen | नहीं

This word means no.

Nhi Chahiye | Nuh-heen Chah-hee-yay | नहीं चाहिये

This means that you don’t want / need it. Especially useful in situations where you are crowded with sellers or followed by tuk tuk drivers as you are walking.

Ho Gya | Hoe Guh-yah | हो गया

This means you’re done. If used as a question, it means are you done?

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Dhanyavad | Dhan-yah-vad | धन्यावाद

Easy word. This means thank you.

Makhani | Mah-Khan-ee | मखानी

Looking for butter chicken on the menu? It is usually listed as Murgh Makhani, great for non – vegetarians. There is also Dal Makhani if you want a delicious creamy dal, great for vegetarians.

Angrezi me boliye. | Ahn-grae-zee meh bowl-ee-yae. | अंग्रेज़ी में बोलिये.

Phrase translates to, speak in English. However, not everyone in India can speak in English so use this only with professionals, good cafes and restaurants, and students.

Bathroom kha he? | Bath-room kuh-hanh hay? | बाथरूम कहां है?

This means where is the bathroom? It is an important phrase to know in any language.

Kitne Paise? | Kit-nae peh-sae? | कितने पैसे?

This phrase means how much money? Can be used for asking prices during shopping, paying for something and bargaining.

Good phrases to know during conversation are as follows.

Aap Kese He? | Aap kae-sae heh? | आप कैसे है?

This phrase translates to, how are you?

Main theek hu. Or aap? | Mehn theek hoon. Or aap? | मैं ठीक हूं. और आप?

This means I’m good. And you? This is usually used after someone has asked how you are.

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