FAQs US Citizens Should Know For Requirements Of Indian E – Visa

FAQs US Citizens Should Know For Requirements Of Indian E – Visa

November 20, 2023 Admin

If you are a citizen of the United States of America and plan to visit India soon, we have something to help you in terms of obtaining the right documentation. We have listed out all the requirements of getting an Indian e – Visa before you book cheap air tickets to India from USA on Budget Airfares. Before we begin with the requirements, you should know what an India e – Visa is all about.

Popular FAQs US Citizens Should Know For Obtaining Indian E – Visa

What is an India e – Visa?

The best way to define an India e – Visa is a digital entry permit for foreigners entering India for a specific period of time. All foreigners can apply online to obtain an India e – Visa right in the convenience of their homes.

It is a mandatory document if you are planning to visit India anytime soon or in the future. The process to obtain it is far easier and quicker than the traditional method of visiting their nearest embassy or consulate.

Do citizens of the USA need an India e – Visa?

Yes, all foreign nationals who are not a resident of India need an India e – Visa to visit the country. The rule applies regardless of the purpose of visit to India. The USA along with 170 other countries need to apply for the document before they arrive in India.

What are the types of India e – Visa for US citizens?

There are 4 types of India e – Visa available for US citizens to choose from. They are provided as follows.

  1. Tourist e – Visa: This visa is best suited for passengers traveling to India for tourism purposes.
  2. Business e – Visa: Visitors planning to visit India for their business need to apply for this type of Visa.
  3. Medical Patient e – Visa: Passengers traveling to India for medical reasons need to obtain this Visa.
  4. Medical Attendant e – Visa: This visa is applicable for passengers who are accompanying a medical patient during their journey to and from India. This includes family members, nurses, attendants, etc.

What documents are required to apply for an India e – Visa?

To obtain an India e – Visa, US citizens need to have a valid US passport with the expiration date at least 6 months after the day of their return from India. So if you have it, browse through our amazing travel deals USA to India on Budget Airfares today!

The digital documents they will need to upload along with their India e – Visa application are as follows.

  1. Recent passport size photograph of the US citizen
  2. Scan of bio page in the US passport of the US citizen
  3. Invitation letter from medical centre / hospital in India (for Medical Patient e – Visa and Medical Attendant e – Visa only)
  4. Business card of the host company in India (for Business e – Visa only)

They will also need to provide their valid email address to receive their entry permit and own a credit / debit card to pay for the e – Visa processing fees.
With the FAQs answered and out of the way, get your best flight tickets from USA to Ahmedabad on Budget Airfares ASAP!

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