Everything To Know Before Backpacking Cheaply In India

Everything To Know Before Backpacking Cheaply In India

December 25, 2023 Admin

Planning a backpacking trip to India? Prepare yourself for an affordable, thrilling experience. Let’s speak about the essentials before you start packing. If you are new to backpacking and worried about going to India? Worry not! Get the best flight tickets from USA to Ahmedabad on Budget Airfares as we are here to guide you on what you need to know before going to this incredible country. We offer everything you need to plan a trip, from the best times to go and must see locations to low cost transportation. So, join us as we figure out the secrets to making your backpacking experience in India not just cost-effective but also full of amazing memories.

What To Know Before Backpacking Cheaply In India

What Are The Best Times To Travel In India?

Though India has a variety of seasons across the different terrains of every region, the peak tourist season begins from November to March. This is the best time to visit anywhere in India because you will be enjoying the cold weather instead of the temperate hot sun and cloudy rainy days.
The Autumn season from September to October is the best time if you don’t want to pay quadruple the price for anything you need. From July to August, there is the rainy season lasts, while the summer season lasts from April to June.

Best Places To Visit In India

Here is the list of our 10 best places that you can visit while backpacking in India. They are pretty easy to travel to and accommodations can be enjoyed on a budget and there are tons of things to explore! What is not to love? So, go avail affordable flight offers to Delhi on Budget Airfares and visit these locations ASAP!

1. Kerala:

Soak yourself in the beauty of Kerala, where lush green landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see. Glide through serene backwaters, where palm-fringed shores reflect in the tranquil waters, creating a South Indian gem that captivates with its natural allure.

2. Mysore:

Embark on a journey through time in Mysore, where historic streets tell tales of regal grandeur. Adorned with palaces that echo the city’s royal heritage and vibrant markets that buzz with life, Mysore stands as the cultural heart of Karnataka, inviting you to traverse its fascinating tapestry.

3. Bangalore:

Experience the vibrant pulse of Bangalore, the tech hub that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Dive into eclectic nightlife that paints the town in vibrant hues, and stroll through garden havens that provide a soothing escape during the tech frenzy.

4. Goa:

Dance to the rhythm of the sea on the golden shores of Goa. This beach paradise invites you to unwind on sandy beaches, sway to lively beats, and embrace the laid-back charm that defines this coastal haven.

5. Mumbai:

Unravel the dynamic energy of Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Here, tradition meets modernity in a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. From historic landmarks to glittering skyscrapers, Mumbai is a kaleidoscope of diverse experiences.

6. Udaipur:

Step into the opulent embrace of Udaipur, the City of Lakes. Adorned with majestic palaces that mirror tranquil lakes, Udaipur exudes regal elegance. Wander through its enchanting streets, where every corner tells a story of royal splendor.

7. Bundi:

Discover the quaint charm of Bundi, a hidden gem in the heart of Rajasthan. Ornate step wells, historic forts, and a timeless ambiance welcome you to explore this Rajasthani town, where every corner unveils a piece of its rich history.

8. Jaisalmer:

Roam the golden dunes of Jaisalmer and immerse yourself in the magical allure of the desert. This jewel of Rajasthan captivates with its intricate architecture, vibrant markets, and timeless beauty that unfolds against the backdrop of endless sands.

9. Pushkar:

Witness the mystical charm of Pushkar, a sacred city wrapped around a tranquil lake. Explore vibrant markets, attend traditional ceremonies, and soak in the spiritual ambiance that permeates this unique destination.

10. Jaipur:

Dive into the vibrant bazaars, magnificent forts, and regal palaces of the Pink City – Jaipur. This Rajasthani gem invites you to embrace its rich history, vibrant culture, and architectural wonders that paint the city in hues of royalty.

Explore Perfectly Through Transportation In India.

While there are different modes of transport available in India, you need to choose the classics if you want to travel cheaply. These are trains, buses, tuk-tuks, auto rickshaws, and rickshaws.

Trains are one of the oldest and most classic forms of transport in India. You can travel long and short distances easily and it does not set you back by much.

For shorter distances, local and state buses along with private buses are a great help in saving money and getting you to your destination. Depending on the type of bus you have booked for the journey, there are various facilities available so that you can travel with ease.

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