7 Must-Visit Art Galleries In India For Your Next Travel Adventure

7 Must-Visit Art Galleries In India For Your Next Travel Adventure

January 15, 2024 Admin

Travelling in India is a joyful adventure. The mountains, forts, and temples are
very famous. However, the art galleries in India are unknown to the average tourist. India possesses a long history as a hub for the arts. It is hardly unexpected that India has a plethora of art galleries that display anything from great modern works to historical masterpieces. India’s art scene is developing. Come let’s explore some Indian Art Galleries with BudgetAirfare, must Buy US to India Flight Tickets Online for a smooth travel.

So, have a look at 7 Indian art galleries you should visit:

1. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery, established in 1952, in Mumbai’s famed Kala Ghoda quarter, is one of the top art galleries in India. Having artwork displayed here is a dream come true for any artist. The gallery regularly works with universities and art schools. It organizes several participatory activities. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is held in many locations, including the gallery. If you are in Mumbai and you’ve been to Marine Drive too often, avoid the tourist trap. Visit the Jehangir Art Gallery.

2. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

The Victoria Memorial, first built in 1921, is one of India’s best art galleries. Sections divide the gallery. They exhibit works by both Indian and foreign artists. The museum also features a remarkable assortment of miniatures. The Royal Gallery exclusively shows paintings of Queen Victoria. The Victoria Memorial is worth a visit if you’re in the City of Joy.

3. Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi

Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi

These days, Kochi is a centre for artists and art. Anoop Scaria, an art expert and the founder of Kashi Art Gallery, was one of the persons who helped make that happen. A restored Dutch mansion in Fort Kochi houses the gallery, which has its own cafe for visitors. The show features work by local creators. We make regular updates. The show seeks to encourage aspiring artists. If you want to spend a peaceful day surrounded by art, you know where to go. Just Book Flight Tickets from US to Cochin and submerge in the beauty of this art gallary. The cafe is really welcoming, so you might find yourself lingering longer!

4. Mahua- The Art Gallery- Bangalore

Mahua- The Art Gallery- Bangalore

Beyond its status as a center for IT, Bangalore is a creative and artistic hub. The Mahua Art Gallery is one of the greatest places for seeing the creations of such brains. Meena Jaipuria, along with her family, founded the gallery. It holds the artwork of up-and-coming young artists. The gallery features some of the greatest modern painters because it is her area of interest.

5. National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

The Indian government founded The National Gallery of Modern Art in 1954. Since then, the collection has only become better. The exhibition displays more than 14,000 paintings by international artists. If you want to read the works of Raja Ravi Varma, Jaimini Roy, or the Tagore brothers, you know where to go!

6. Project 88, Mumbai

Project 88, Mumbai

Project 88 was initiated in Colaba by Sree Goswami. A dilapidated metal printing press keeps it alive. If you are a minimalist, you will adore this spot. Emerging artists can display their work in a secure haven at the studio. Many of the gallery’s artists are included in museum shows and biennials. They’re also in significant worldwide collections. The primary goal is to develop young talent. It collaborates with many mid-career artists.

7. Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

It has developed into one of India’s top art galleries within the past 30 years. You can easily stop by and take a look at the exhibits because they are located in South Bombay’s art district. Famous international artists have had their works exhibited at the gallery. Some of them include El Anatsui, Gregory Crewdson, and Julian Opie. The gallery is part of the Mumbai art scene.

Concluding Thoughts:

The Victoria Memorial or the Jehangir Art Gallery are good places to go if you like traditional art. If you’re interested in modern art, you should visit places like Project 88. Even though there are constantly new exhibitions, these are among India’s best art galleries! If you want to learn more about the art scenes in any of these cities, this is a fantastic place to start. Additionally, you can book Online Flight Tickets from US to Chennai for your seamless journey to Incredible India!

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